ITM roll

#SPXcampaign On Feb 2nd I sold an ITM put spread in anticipation of the correction ending.
Sold $SPX Feb 23rd 2825/2800 put spreads for 16.90, when SPX was at 2761.

Feb 23 was too ambitious… this was a short correction but even so, should have gone to March. But I fully expected this possibility. I rolled in two steps this time. I put in GTC orders and adjusted prices slowly.

Sold SPX March 2nd 2800/2775 put spreads for 23.80. This filled yesterday during the morning gap down.
Closed Feb 23rd 2825/2800 put spreads for 24.00. This filled early this morning in pre-market.

So I was able to move the spread 25 points lower for only a .20 debit.

Since I paid only 1.00 less than the 25.00 cost to let the Feb 23 spread expire fully ITM, it was also possible to leave it in case we actually rally above 2800 by next Friday. I doubt that will happen, but it could!