CMG up after hours

On news they hired Taco Bell CEO

#earningstrade #ironcondor BIDU #spec trade…

#earningstrade #ironcondor BIDU #spec trade #longcalls ZN

Sold March 16 180/190/260/270 for 1.17 BIDU is at 225
ZN bought a March 16, 5 call for .40, Zion Oil and Gas is up 76% to 4.07 today, interesting story, friend at the gym told me about it, not exactly the check out person at the grocery store…

Adding a REGN ladder rung

Sold $REGN Aug 17 240 put @ 5.70 (delta 11).
My ladder is now:
Apr 300 put
May 280 put
Aug 240 put

#pietrade STO AAL 10 DTE…


STO AAL 10 DTE 52 Calls at 0.54 against 200 shares of stock. Cost basis around 49.75.



STO Feb 23 2575/2625
Bought Long 2575 at -13.2
Sold Short 2625 at 22.10
Credit of 8.90

Thanks Jeff…

SPX reverse roll

#SPXcampaign Earlier, closed Feb 23rd 2690/2715 call spreads for 7.00. Sold for 4.05 on Friday.
#ReverseRoll Just now, sold March 2nd 2625/2600 put spreads for 5.75

AVGO Covered Call

$AVGO STO 2/16 247.50 call at 1.30 Leftover assignment from strangle. Called away would be a success.

Short Calls EXAS / Close Early PAYC BUPS

$EXAS STO 2/23 49.50 call @ 1.70 (Covered)

$PAYC BTC 2/16 75/85 BUPS @ .40 78% of profit taken in. Not sure I will wait for expiration anytime soon on any of my trades.

#pietrades Rolled GM 42.5 put…


Rolled GM 42.5 put that expires this week out 2 weeks for 0.43 credit. CB now under 40.

XBI STO 10 DTE 85 put for 0.77. Went through fast at mid point, may be able to get more if you work the order.

SVXY decision. With the futures expiring today, my hope is that as they expire we may see a pop. However I do not expect steady gains until we are no longer backwards which may take a few weeks and probably not until the VIX is under 18. Anyway, I am holding the stock until then. Once we have some gains I will make sure it is hedged in the future, probably by setting up a #fuzzy ratio but do not want to spend extra money on this trade until it recovers even a little.

The VXX trades below look smart. I would do it if had capital left. The hedge fund book I am reading, Mark Sebastain does that every 2 weeks. Buys puts on VXX or a debit spread and rolls it to the next 2 weeks when there is a 50% profit. May be a smarter way to play #vxxgame in the future. Losses are capped but probably steady gains. The flip slide would be selling ATM call credit spreads.

I will NEVER be short VIX, SVXY unhedged in the future, lesson learned the hard way again. I think a hammer the head would have been easier.

Thanks everyone for the help/thoughts on VXX/SVXY over the last few weeks. I think going forward we are all much smarter about how to use these instruments and more importantly how not to use them. But collectively I think we will all make back most of the losses within 1-5 years (that seems like a long time at the moment) but will go by faster than any of us can imagine!


#SyntheticStock – Repair trade still running. What a dog. Earnings next week and I’m not sure if I want it to go up or down. Actually make a decent profit with it at zero with my put protection. 🙂

Bought to Close AAOI FEB 16 2018 33.0 Calls @ .05 (sold for .55)

Sold AAOI FEB 23 2018 33.0 Calls @ 1.10