CC vs naked puts

We all know the graphs look the same but after a year of doing both I discovered something that makes a difference. I set up 1 account and have only traded CC in that account, a combination in the others mostly as #pietrades.

Interesting dynamics, both have performed well but the puts/call account did about 57.7% annualized. The CC only looks like it will be close to 88% annualized. That is a significant difference and the difference between doubling an account in 12-13 months vs. 18-24 months.

Very important now that 2 of my big IRA accounts are now little accounts from the SVXY debacle. At 88% could replace all the lost money in 3 years.

So anyway, selling ATM or even slightly ITM CC may improve returns compared to just selling puts. I think mostly because they are OTM and the ATM options have more premium. They also seem to be easier to roll down and when you roll them up you get appreciation plus extra income.