Dec 6th Trades

Pretty quiet trading day for me, thanks again for everyone’s good ideas:

1. Took the HD BePS profit I was expecting this morning (Bought 1.09, sold 1.59)
2. Bought PIR long calls for Earnings run up (closes 1 day before earnings), target 40%
3. SHAK BePS for retracement from extreme up move, .84 debit, target 50%, trade is green
4. BA BePS for retracement from extreme up move, 1.21 debit, 50% target, trade is red
5. ADSK #ShortPuts for Mar, thank you for the idea @jsd501
6. I’m keeping 2 short /ES contracts hedged with short puts, rolled short puts to next week for additional credit. This “Z” contract will run out pretty soon.
7. CVX closed BuCS for 50% loss (I’m testing using “probability of touch” as a stop on debit trades)
8. RCII There was an almost 10,000 contract opening call sale today for Jan 13 calls, so I bought a BePS Jan 13/11 for 1.14 (paid less than intrinsic). Following the “smart money” fund flow on this (I realize this may be Trader setting a hedge vs a spec trade, but it’s limited risk)
9. New NDX #Bitty Dec 29 6125/6120 for .85 cr, 50% target

Active Reds: AAPL, ALGN, DLTR, JPM, LMT, NUE, PIR, QQQ, SPY, ULTA, /ES, BA (net green)

3% return on capital today

#hedge, #rocketmanhedge, #syntheticshort

SVXY butterfly experiment

I’m not much of a regular old butterfly guy (other than iron butterflies for earnings) so maybe I did something wrong. The SVXY put butterfly that @vxxkelly and I were discussing as a #Hedge didn’t do much during the selloff Friday. I monitored it as SVXY dropped all the way down and then all the way back up and the thing was never profitable at all. Was it because it was out in Jan? Do these types of trades only work on much shorter time frames? Did I (quite possibly) screw something up?

Here was the trade:

SVXY JAN 19 2018 110.0/105.0/97.5 Put Butterfly @ .22 credit

Bought 5 110 puts
Sold 10 105 puts
Bought 5 97.5 puts

SVXY put butterfly

#Hedge – Thanks to @vxxkelly …giving this a try.

Bought SVXY JAN 19 2018 110.0/105.0/97.5 Put Butterfly @ .22 credit

SPX hedge thru Jan expiry

#SyntheticShort #Hedge #RocketManHedge – A little hedge out through the beginning of the year…

Synthetic short stock with a protective call. 45.00 debit with max loss of 50.00:

Sold SPX JAN 19 2018 2570.0 Call @ 41.50
Bought SPX JAN 19 2018 2570.0 Put @ 48.00
Bought SPX JAN 19 2018 2575.0 Call @ 38.50

Need to collect 4.15 per week to cover the max loss so:

Sold SPX NOV 3 2017 2530.0 Put @ 5.90

This gives 40 to 50 points of downside protection for minimal (or no) cost…

FB #Hedge I often hedge…

FB #Hedge
I often hedge earnings trades by going out further which sometimes defeats the purpose but in the event the real job gets in the way I have time to make yet another bad decision. Instead I bought a Nov. 4 123/137 straddle for 1.67. It may offer some protection along with a roll in case of a blow out either direction.