CODX Earnings Put Roll

#earnings #shortputs
$CODX BTC 5/15 14 put and STO 6/19 15 put for added credit of 2.65

#longputspread, #shortputspread

#earnings #longputspread #hedge DIS Bought…

#earnings #longputspread #hedge DIS

Bought a 105/100 May 15 put spread for 1.99 against a rolled June 19, 100/110 short put spread, DIS is around 104.
Thanks for the data Jeff.

#shortputs #longputspread CCL SPY CCL…

#shortputs #longputspread CCL SPY

CCL sold April 17, 7.5 put for 1.05
SPY bought April 17, 240/220 long put spread for 6.79, would be happy if this was a total loss!

#longputspread SPX BTC 2670/2660 puts…

BTC 2670/2660 puts for $6.75 and $7.50. Nice gain for half day’s time. I entered at $3.50 and $4.50.

#longputspread SPX BTO Nov 26…

SPX BTO Nov 26 2670/2660 puts for $4.50, added $3.40 looking for reversion to mean to R3 2659 TODAY.

#shortstock XLF #shortcallspreads QQQ #longputspread…

#shortstock XLF #shortcallspreads QQQ #longputspread SPY

XLF Sold 100 shares short at 25.37
QQQ Sold Nov. 16, 170/175 for 1.03
SPY bought Nov. 14 250/260 for 2.00

#longputspread STC SPX 2675/2680 Oct…


STC SPX 2675/2680 Oct 26 for $3.60, bot for $1.80 before 1 PM today. I see I could have collected more but couldn’t watch as needed. I’m happy with this.

Next I may be able to buy back my NUGT shorted with a 13.50 call. Eventually it looks like a winner after looking very bad as prices reached $17 earlier this week. It was exercised 2 weeks ago.

#longputspread STC DIA Oct 19…

STC DIA Oct 19 $1.80 bot yesterday 1.70 price stalling out so took small profit.

#longputspread GOOGL STC Aug 17…


STC Aug 17 1210/1200for $1.60 (didn’t move quickly enough in first hour), bought yesterday for net $0 via delay 1 hour between buy 1210 and sell 1200 for SAME $1.10;
reenter 1210/1200 for 1.45, 1.50; close half for $3.00


BTO Jun 8 187.5/185.00 Puts 1.03 #LongPutSpread
Looking for a pull back to exit

#longputspread AAPL AAPL has gone…

#longputspread AAPL
AAPL has gone from 157 on Feb. 9 to 182 so far today. Taking a chance with a March 23, 185/180 long put spread.

#earnings FB #butterfly #longputspread Nov….

#earnings FB
#butterfly #longputspread
Nov. 17 sold 177.50/182.50/182.50/185 puts for .86 credit, possible 346 above 179, bought 180/172.50 for 1.59 to cover the downside.

SPY hedge

#RocketManHedge – Been thinking about this for awhile. Having a great year with account at all time highs. Don’t really want anything crazy to mess up a good year so I’ve been looking at some hedges out towards end of year. Looked at SPX, /ES, VIX, and SPY.

Finally decided on SPY with a synthetic short with defined risk to the upside and protection all the way to zero. It was then just a matter of how much insurance to get. I’m already hedged on a lot of my stuff but there is still some risk there if Rocket Man pulls anything crazy.

Here’s the details:

Sell to Open 2 SPY DEC 15 2017 253.0 Calls @ 4.28
Buy to Open 2 SPY DEC 15 2017 253.0 Puts @ 4.24

Then to cap upside risk:

Buy to Open SPY DEC 15 2017 254.0 Calls @ 3.65

Cost of trade $722 with max loss of $922
Max gain of $49,878 (protection to zero)

Breakeven of SPY 249.39

Questions, comments, criticisms always welcome!

#longputspread, #rocketman

#longputspread XLP Following TradeWise bought…

XLP Following TradeWise bought March 17 55/52.50 put spreads

Maybe I’m crazy…

#LongPut #LongPutSpread I believe that tomorrow is a good day for a slight correction, especially since the price action on the daily and weekly charts is outside the BB; so, to put my money where my mouth is: I BTO Dec 12 2225/2210 BePS for $1.15 each.
I’ll risk the cost, but if I’m right, I’ll make some money tomorrow.