SPX hedge through March

With my current #RocketManHedge looking like it has a good chance of turning a decent profit ( in spite of moving against me from almost the first day) I’m adding another out about 90 days. This one is slightly more expensive since I’m setting up a little above the market but giving it a couple extra weeks to make up the difference.

#SyntheticShort -A little hedge out through March expiration…

Synthetic short stock with a protective call. 49.00 debit with max loss of 54.00:

Sold SPX MAR 16 2018 2670.0 Call @ 46.23
Bought SPX MAR 16 2018 2670.0 Put @ 51.97
Bought SPX MAR 16 2018 2675.0 Call @ 43.26

Need to collect 4.15 per week to cover the max loss so:

Sold SPX DEC 18 2017 2650.0 Put @ 5.40

Selling Monday and then looking to double up on the following Friday…

12/8 Happy Friday

1. NVDA: Fully closed the #JadeLizard sold for 3.62, partial cover at 1.62 yesterday, rest covered today at 1.35
2. BA: Closed the contrarian BePS, closed for .66 shy of full loss. Prob of touch is still high enough I should have held, but it’s just continuing to be a train.
3. LRCX: Closed the #PutRatioSpread for over 50% gain, 1.45, $1555.00. Recovery mission on big loss last week.
4. MSFT: #Bitty closed for 50%, this was Jan 80/75 BuPS for .82 cr, covered .41
5. SPX : I’m kind of thinking we see a strong market into next week’s expiration, so rolled the short puts on the #RocketManHedge from 2605 to 2625. Realized $2820 in the roll.
6. SPY: Opened #SpikedLizard for January. Part 1: 264/265/267 for 3.74 cr Part 2 (spike) 260/253 ratio put spread for .05. No upside risk, downside BE is 253 due to the spike. Need SPY price above $260 for meaningful profit. 50% target. I’d like to ladder these every 2 weeks.
7. SPX: Opened 7DTE #Bitty I said I didn’t want to do 7DTE Bitties any more, but betting we see an upside into next week’s expiration. Of course I could be all wrong. Got more credit than usual on these. Dec 15 2630/2625 BuPS for average price of .875 credit, 50% target
8. TXN: Opened BuPS for January 97.5/95 for .72, 50% target
9. TJX: Continued defense. Sold Dec 15 calls to adjust deltas
10. MU: Opened #EarningsRunUp trade based on historical backtesting. Partial position. Dec 22 47.5 call for 1.04.
11. PIR: Closed #EarningsRunUp trade for 28% profit, bought at .35, sold at .45
12. ABBV: Opened #BuPS for January 92.5/90 for .56, target 50%
13. FLIR: Opened #SyntheticCoveredCall for January 47 puts for 1.40, very high historical win rate on short puts for this company
14. BBY: Closed the contrarian BePS for loss, salvaging .60 from max loss
15. AAPL: I already have a BuPS on for next week, used this little upswing today to sell calls converting it to an #IronButterfly.


#RocketManHedge – Booking and selling…this sale completes the covering of max loss on the hedge with another month to run. After this I’ll start giving it a little more downside room. Make a little but keep a strong hedge though Jan expiration.

Skipping Friday since it only trades thru Thursday close. Selling the following Monday instead.

Bought to Close SPX DEC 8 2017 2625.0 Put @ .15 (sold for 7.10)

Sold SPX DEC 18 2017 2625.0 Put @ 5.40

Opening trades:

SPX: #rocketmanhedge thank you @fuzzballl Feb +2635 put, -2635c, +2640c for 40.15 net, -Dec 2605p for $5.40, Basis = 34.62.
COT: Last month there was a day with 4 large block trades totaling over 4 million in shares. It sparked a lot of call activity. I’ve been waiting for closer to 13f releases for Dec to see if call activity picks up again, it sure did today, so I have a little spec play on for COT for next week. 17.5 calls for .34
MAR: #JadeLizard for next week Dec -126p/-130c/+132 c for 1.21 net cr, 50% target
TJX: Added #BECS to #BUPS to convert to iron fly for defense

Closing Trades:
BA #Bitty Closed at 50% target, sold at .50, bought at .25
TTWO #BUCS Bought 2.65 sold 3.10 net .45/contract
FB #shortputs covered for 50% Sold at 1.10, covered at .55
NVDA #JadeLizard from last week is beginning to cover for 50% Sold 185/205/207.5 for 3.62, cover order is partially filled at 1.62

Dec 6th Trades

Pretty quiet trading day for me, thanks again for everyone’s good ideas:

1. Took the HD BePS profit I was expecting this morning (Bought 1.09, sold 1.59)
2. Bought PIR long calls for Earnings run up (closes 1 day before earnings), target 40%
3. SHAK BePS for retracement from extreme up move, .84 debit, target 50%, trade is green
4. BA BePS for retracement from extreme up move, 1.21 debit, 50% target, trade is red
5. ADSK #ShortPuts for Mar, thank you for the idea @jsd501
6. I’m keeping 2 short /ES contracts hedged with short puts, rolled short puts to next week for additional credit. This “Z” contract will run out pretty soon.
7. CVX closed BuCS for 50% loss (I’m testing using “probability of touch” as a stop on debit trades)
8. RCII There was an almost 10,000 contract opening call sale today for Jan 13 calls, so I bought a BePS Jan 13/11 for 1.14 (paid less than intrinsic). Following the “smart money” fund flow on this (I realize this may be Trader setting a hedge vs a spec trade, but it’s limited risk)
9. New NDX #Bitty Dec 29 6125/6120 for .85 cr, 50% target

Active Reds: AAPL, ALGN, DLTR, JPM, LMT, NUE, PIR, QQQ, SPY, ULTA, /ES, BA (net green)

3% return on capital today

#hedge, #rocketmanhedge, #syntheticshort


#RocketManHedge – This has been kind of a fun/interesting trade/experiment. Originally put on synthetic short stock with a disaster call for 45.0 debit with max loss of 50.0 out in Jan 2018 monthly. Had enough time to sell about 4 points a week to cover max loss and still constantly carry about a 40 point downside hedge.

With the rally I’ve been selling much more aggressively and have already recovered all but about 12 points of the max loss and still have 6 weeks to run. Looks like the hedge will still be nicely profitable even though the market has gone completely against it. I’ll still sell aggressively with the plan to roll the short put out and down if we implode.

I’m happy enough with this type of hedge I may do it in slightly bigger size next time…

Bought to Close SPX DEC 1 2017 2600.0 Put @ .25 (sold for 10.50)

Sold SPX DEC 8 2017 2625.0 Put @ 7.10

For as strong as /NQ…

For as strong as /NQ is today, many stocks having pretty weak bounce. $FB, $SQ, $NFLX, $TSLA, $GOOGL etc… $AAPL and $MSFT seem to be doing the heavy lifting today.