#RocketManhedge – I’m officially retiring this experimental hashtag with good news and bad news. First the bad news…

Was out yesterday and missed my chance to roll out and down my short weekly so the hedge didn’t do any good at all…it was actually down yesterday. So today I closed the whole thing at a loss since it’s not working and is really getting me sidetracked watching other positions.

Did 4 of these in total with 3 winners and one loser but still a net loss of 28 points…

Now, the good news. With my accounts being more heavily weighted in synthetics I’ve found the big overall hedge isn’t really needed since most of these positions have the hedges already built in. It’s really been noticeable during these 2 recent selloffs we’ve had. More good news is the fact Sue mentioned TheoTrade the other day so I’ve been getting his free videos. Came across this one that I really liked and will be putting these on from now on when the market is getting to extremes. I’m also wondering if something similar would work to the long side as well…haven’t even checked and have no idea since that just crossed my mind while typing this…LOL


#RocketManHedge – Rolling my short weekly out and down to Friday. Hedge is out in May so might have to keep easing it down for now…

Rolled SPX MAR 19 2018 2750.0 Put to SPX MAR 23 2018 2740.0 Put @ 2.00 credit


#RocketManHedge – Booking the short put and leaving the long un-hedged over the weekend…

Bought to Close SPX MAR 12 2018 2700.0 Put @ .35 (sold for 9.00)


#RocketManHedge – Hedge is out to May but still gradually paying for it…

Bought to Close SPX MAR 7 2018 2700.0 Put @ .05 (sold for 7.75)

Sold SPX MAR 12 2018 2700.0 Put @ 9.00


#RocketManHedge – Not much fun having these now but in a selloff they’re awesome…killing time for now with safe sales.

Bought to Close SPX MAR 2 2018 2640.0 Put @ .85 (sold for 11.40)

Sold SPX MAR 7 2018 2700.0 Put @ 7.75


#RocketManHedge – Still leaving plenty of downside room…core position is a May 2640 long put…

Bought to Close SPX FEB 23 2018 2575.0 Put @ 1.40 (sold for 7.25)

Sold SPX MAR 2 2018 2640.0 Put @ 11.40


#RocketManHedge – Leaving plenty of downside protection while still collecting enough premium to cover the cost of the hedge…

Bought to Close SPX FEB 20 2018 2540.0 Put @ 1.85 (sold for 14.10)

Sold SPX FEB 23 2018 2575.0 Put @ 7.25