#pietrades for next week. Just…

#pietrades for next week.

Just sitting on my hands to let theta do its work, currently 748 in my favor. But here is management for anyone following.

AAPL the time value in the 165 CC should crush after today. As long as I can roll the CC to next week for 0.5 credit or roll up a strike for even, will do either of those. If not will let it assign over the weekend for full $471 profit on 3 lots. If it drops will sell a call next week.

GM is currently 0.25 ITM but still showing a slight profit. Will let it assign then sell CC next week.

GILD is still deep ITM but with the pullback do the same as AAPL. If I can roll it in 2-3 weeks for a 0.5 or higher credit or move it up will roll. If not will let it call out, it still has 21 DTE because of recovery trades.

SVXY 125 puts expire next week, currently ITM and will probably let them assign and flip to CC the following week.

I am fairly flat at the moment. Going snowkiting (skiing with a kiteboard kite) in Maine next week to a place there is no internet or even cable TV so did not want anything on I had to babysit. I can take assignment on everything I have on or let it expire for max profits. May even tackle Mt Washington, have not been up there in 17 years!

The only trade I may close or tweak before leaving is the #spycraft /ES strangle which is already showing a profit but will let some more value decay over the weekend. I can trade until Wed.