Crypto Update

#Cryptocurrency – Added ADA (Cardano) tonight and still holding IOTA. Also added a new one called Stellar (XLM). Verge (XVG) is another one that could be a lottery ticket at 13 cents. Out of everything else…gains so far of about 12k. Very small percentage of that still invested so rolling dice with a small amount of house money here.

ETH – Bought at 167 sold at 699
LTC – Bought at 59 sold at 218
RPX – Bought at .26 sold at 2.12 (could eventually be my biggest regret selling)

IOTA – Bought at 3.87 and holding
ADA – Bought at .77 tonight
XLM – Bought at .67 tonight

EDITED…..added XLM and new mention of Verge.

Evening all or morning or…

Evening all or morning or afternoon. Packed my daughter off to FSU this morning. She is a grad student there. Really had a grand time with her and am sorry to see her go. During the morning I found a short free spot to sell a couple of $ROKU, Jan 19th 2018 45 Puts and was filled @ 1.10. Spent the rest of the day freezing my butt in the barn which shouldn’t happen in eastern NC. Who ordered up this stuff? More of that for the rest of the week too so I’m getting a slow start to 2018. Good to almost be back.

SPX Campaign / AVGO Short Strangle / NFLX Covered Call /NFLX Close Early

$SPX STO 2/2 2775/2750 BECS @ 1.50 Thank you @jeffcp66
$AVGO STO 2/2 250/290 Strangles Thank yo @jeffcp66 and @fuzzballl
$NFLX STO 2/5 205 Calls @ .98 Will it hang on?
Sold Early
$NFLX BTC 1/19 160/175 BUPS @ .20 STO @ 2.70

Happy New Year!

Nice day here in #Fuzzy land
1. Big roll in BABA, BTC Jan5 175 for 7.97, STO Jan 19 182.5 for 4.47, added to core debit obviously, but bought an awful lot of upside range for $3.50
2. MU removed hedge for now, BTC Jan 12 43.5 c for .95 (previously sold for .53)
3. JPM roll to avoid dividend assignment (ex div is 4th) BTC Jan 5 107 c for .92, sold Jan5 108 for .40, still deciding on whether to hold through earnings next week or take all the profits off and reset after earnings–that’s why I rolled to same week. Call premium is very nice for next week. A year ago JPM moved down almost 5 standard deviations on earnings. In today’s volatility that would be about $7.00.

Fuzzies that need managed this week:

MU (unhedged)
DWDP (unhedged)
RCL (whoops, this should have been rolled last week, just to gain delta/theta)

#spxstrategy btc on gtc spx…


btc on gtc spx 2565/2545 put @ .30 had sold for .75 on 1.19.17
predicted 11 days to 50% return but I will take 14 days.(holidays etc?)

Adding to NUGT ladder

#ContangoETFs Sold $NUGT March 44 call for 1.50. I now have a NUGT ladder that matches my $DUST ladder, all in calls.


New all-time high

$SPX notched a new one… so much for any bearishness in the new year. Another VIX close below 9.85 but will the FOURTH attempt at three in a row be the charm for an Upside Warning? I posted this in the Twitter feed earlier but I’ll now leave it here:

Dow up +25% in ’17 … time to look for a pullback?
Since ’50, up >25% YTD 10 times.
Higher next year 8 times with 6 of those times up double digits.
Avg +12.6% vs avg yearly return of +8.5%.
In other words, don’t turn bearish simply because ’17 was up a lot.