$SVXY $65 puts

Other trades today
Closed Jan 12 $UVXY $8/$9.5 call spreads @ $0.60 (sold for $0.75) made lunch $
$DWDP Rolled #CoveredCalls from Jan 12 $71 to Feb 2 $71.50 for even, last of my stock so holding a bit longer
$RCL Rolled #CoveredCalls from Jan 12 $125 to Jan 26 $127 for @0.61 credit.


Sizable position so letting it run the distance.

HIMX 11.5 calls (sold for .27)

#bitty FB Jan. 19 170/175…

#bitty FB
Jan. 19 170/175 BuPS for .60


This was a busted #ShortStrangles that I turned into a #CoveredCalls position. After selling for quite a few weeks I’m using this bounce to book it for a .10 loss. Happy to be out and freeing up some room for earnings season.

Sold to Close SWKS Covered Stock @ 99.23 (bought for 99.33)

#fuzzy, #longcalldiagonals, #longputdiagonals, #syntheticstock

Closed UVXY synthetic

#SyntheticShortStock #LongPutDiagonals

Took the cue from @fuzzballl and closed one of these (I originally had 2). Can’t make a whole lot more on this since we’re getting closer to zero on the stock.

Closed $UVXY Jan 2019 positions:
Long 30 put, Short 30 call, Long 40 call for 23.91.
Bought for 17.10 on Aug 17th.

That’s a $6.81 profit, BUT I also lost $818 total in the attempt to sell short-term puts. Since I had 2 positions, that’s a $409 loss for each, so profit on this one is $272.

As for the other one, I previously closed the call spread for 1.60 (on Dec 20th), and I put in an order to close the remaining long put for 24.50, which price is already near. That would mean a $171 profit on that half.

I am keeping my $VXX version of this open, since the stock is still at 25.75 so my long 20 puts still have a lot to gain. I have closed a third of my short call spreads, and I added more long puts “naked” anyway, so I’m long 18 puts, currently at 4.68, average purchase 1.77. I lost a bigger bundle on the sale of short-term puts on VXX, but my ending profit on the long puts will make up for it and them some.

I will look to do this again when they launch $VXXB with the 2020 LEAPs. But that time, I will skip the #Fuzzy hedging and just go with the synthetic short.

Leaving early

Only 4 expirations today. I wonder if the big boys are waiting for after the nest expiration to try and sell this market.

SVXY: 60 puts,65 puts,70 puts, and 75 puts.


#ShortPuts – In my “SVXY only” account that has done absolutely nothing this year…I’ll follow @hcgdavis ‘s lead and try to shake things up a little. Sort of a #TakeOneForTheTeam trade…

Sold SVXY FEB 2 2018 120.0 Put @ 2.31
Sold SVXY FEB 9 2018 120.0 Put @ 3.20