Rainy day here, had planned…

Rainy day here, had planned to go skiing as I have the day off but no fun when 65 degrees and raining, so stayed home and traded.

#vxxgame SVXY closes, rolls and take a few for the team. By going directional now the market should reverse which will help some of my other trades 🙂

SVXY BTC Jan 19 50 put for 0.04 and 55 put for 0.05. Sold at 1.27, 1.37, 1.14
BTC Jan 19 80 put for 0.11 sold for 1.14
STO SVXY Feb 9 125 puts for 3.90. I have feeling these will get tagged, that’s may hope anyway, a reverse hedge for some of my other positions. If this one does not do well will still make $ on the others then.

TQQQ rolled Jan 26 120 put to Feb 16 140 puts for 1.90 credit. Sold for 1.25

BX Closed out #fuzzy Jan 2019 25 Jan 18 33 diagonal and made a whopping 108 profit, it was 318 but the bid-ask on the options on this one do not trade well. BX is not a good trading name-just FYI. However, had I done a CC it would have closed next week at full profit, see @smasty160 fuzzy discussion below. There are a few names where a CC makes more sense than a synthetic, this was one of them.

USO, sold 2 Jan 19 puts at 11 for 0.54. This is a tiny account and that is all I could figure out to do with the BP left and still make a decent premium.

Hope everyone finishes out the week strong!