#SMM OMM New York dinner…

#SMM OMM New York dinner
Monday, Jan 22, 6:00 PM.
Iceman will be in town so for those who trade this style it is a great chance to pick the brain of the guy who knows it best. Aragorn cannot make it but hopefully those interested will brave the elements.

Usual place: Chef Yu Restaurant at West 36th St and 8th Avenue. Please let me know so I can make the arrangements. Contact me at ralpherz@aol.com

$UVXY #ShortCalls #VXXGame – Sold…

$UVXY #ShortCalls #VXXGame – Sold UVXY Feb 16 2018 20.0 Calls @ 0.53. The only new volatility trade I got off today

Closed Early SPX SQ / SPX Campaign / Short Puts WYNN SVXY / Short Calls EXAS

$SPX STC 1/19 2765/2785 BUCS @ 18.70 BTO @ 2.92 Thank you @jeffcp66
$SQ BTC 1/19 35/40 BUPS @ 65% profit

$SPX STO 1/22 2755/2780 BUPS @ 2.20

$WYNN STO 1/26/170/175 BUPS @ 2.20
$SVXY STO 2/9 110 puts @ 3.00 Thank you @fuzzballl

$EXAS STO 1/26 50 call @ 1.80 I will probably be assigned some stock tomorrow. If these are called away my position size would stay the same.

Jan 18

Not a lot to report here. The SPY double #Fuzzy performed well today (but really, and @hcgdavis already knows this, it’s just kind of a glorified double calendar–I doubt it will stay in the toolbox. It was nice to have a day where hedges actually got to work a little.

I’m working on a new Fuzzy derivative. Anyone a Don Kaufman fan? Don is at a site called Theo Trade. He sent out a video (free) last night for a trade called a “Risk Twist” trade. Perfect for continuing with trend participation without fear of reversal. His trade is a 7DTE 85-delta long call coupled with a 90-day broken wing reverse 1×3 put butterfly. I know, that’s a mouthful. It’s kind of a franken-fly. I modeled it, it was ok. Net long delta gives you trend participation, coupled with some protection. But I knew I (we) could do better! I must say I’ve got a couple great Fuzzy partners that help with tweaking and testing of fuzzies, @MamaCash and @Kathy111.

Enter…the “Fuzzy Twist” 7DTE 85-delta long call, 90 day Fuzzy bear (unhedged). This is a pretty nice trade for trend continuation (at extensions) with downside protection that kicks in almost immediately.

I put a bunch of them on today to gauge performance. Here’s one you can throw into an analyze tab to check out, pay attention to the t+1 line (purple line):
1. Jan 26 161 call @ 4.71
2. Apr -165 call @ -5.29
3 Apr 165 put @ 4.84
4. Apr 167 protective call @ 4.21

I’ve got these on the Q’s, SPY, DIA. You can be sure I’ll report back on their value, but I’m kind of psyched that it’s a tool to keep me in the trend at extensions.



SteadyOptions Trial

Taking a free 10 day trial here. Been following him awhile on Twitter and seems to do pretty good. Specializes in buying pre-earnings straddles. Maybe I can stumble on to something here that we can use…similar to some Whiz trades that eventually became the #SyntheticStock and #Fuzzy trades here.

Would be fun to have pre, current, and post earnings trades going!

I’ll keep you posted. 10 day trial and then I’ll probably stick around another month with earnings really cranking up….


No trades…

…just a theta decay day for me. If we get government shutdown, will it be a BTFD or something bigger? If they avert it, will another blistering rally commence?

Have a good evening

I am off to the gym.