NEW 24/5 trading

Updating some watch lists and I noticed a new little symbol next to a few of them. A little “24” inside a circle. Apparently it means these are now available for 24/5 trading similar to futures. No idea when it starts or what the deal is…

The symbols I’m seeing so far:


#spycraft No panic at the…


No panic at the futures open tonight. Will hold on doing anything with the /ES strangle. However, once the government is open for business market will probably keep chugging higher so me may close the call side soon.

Go Eagles!!

Go Eagles!!

#pietrades A few names to…


A few names to add
GLW (corning) for smaller accounts
AXP for medium accounts
QQQ for medium to large accounts
IWM for medium accounts
FSLR for medium accounts
TNA and FAS for medium
ERX for small to medium
SMH for medium
HD for large accounts
TAP for medium (beer money) 🙂
DIS for medium

Anyone else who finds others please post. 3 simple rules, stays in a range, good weekly premiums, and should have weekly options (not a requirement but makes management easier).


KR #syntheticStock – “To Hedge…

#syntheticStock – “To Hedge or not to Hedge that is the question”

I entered the July trade 28/28/26 with a total debt 3.65 requiring 0.14 a week to cover. At the time of opening the trade I missed selling a hedge call, position started moving in the right direction so I decided to hold back, that is until Friday when I sold 02/02 31 at 0.17. The way the trade was going makes you wonder if you’re sometimes better off not to Hedge, or at which point to cover.
Would appreciate any thoughts on this.