Fishback has their simple VIX…

Fishback has their simple VIX profits available again for $1495. Anyone interested? I am not advertising for them but I have not been able to fully reverse engineer their trigger for switching from VXX to XIV.

If some others are interested we could split price and all learn the trigger for the #vxxgame trades.


KR comparison…




Jan 11 #Fuzzy Land I…

Jan 11 #Fuzzy Land

I don’t quite know how to start this. My life in Fuzzyland has become more of a teenage horror flick. Don’t get me wrong. It’s awesome! It’s morphed into something I never expected. I never expected this trade to have the incredible versatility that it does (especially when unhedged for short term swing trading with limited risk). You’ll have to tell me how much Fuzzy detail you want, because there are SO many fuzzy trades going on now, that it will overwhelm posts. Do you want it all? Maybe just highlights? Maybe just indexes? or UOA? I closed down a lot of fuzzies today for a net profit on closures of $30,210.00 A lot of these were fuzzies with the old $10.00 spread risk design. My newer designs have tighter spreads for less risk. So I’m happy to take the profits and look for opportunities to reset.

1. SPY finally flat on all Spy for $5393.00 YTD (8 trading days) on fuzzies.
2. CVX closed for net $1875.00. The core trade alone was up 330%
3. FAS 1, 2 closed for net $1540.
4. IWM 1,2 opened just yesterday closed for $1280 due to hedges seriously blown out. The cores were up 180% in 1 day.
5. CMCSA, which I unhedged yesterday on UOA I closed today for $2140 profit. The core was up 202%
6. The Fuzzy Biotech Experiment (EXAS, EXEL, GWPH) with just 1 week left to monthly expiration I decided to throw some hedges on. What the heck, what can happen in a week. I’ll tell you what, right after the close EXAS announces a debt offering the stock drops $4.00–so that’s a well-timed hedge.
7. New Fuzzy on DAL Mar 55/55/52.5 for 2.64 already had to manage a hedge once on it
8. New Fuzzy on KR on UOA Mar 2 28/28/26 for .50 unhedged
9. New Fuzzy on KBH Apr 39/39/36 unhedged 1.32
10. CELG hedge rolled to next week 106, will close next week for earnings, this is my oldest fuzzy.
11. JPM I’ve been eagerly awaiting tomorrow to load JPM back into the Fuzzy lineup.

STO 1/8 SPY Jan 19…

STO 1/8 SPY Jan 19 270/268 BuPS BTO SPY 1/19 273 call 1.47
STO 1/10 1/12 276 Call .32
Rolled 276 1/12 to 1/17 .32
net cost 90.50
have an order in to roll again to 1/19 .30
did I do this correctly Sue??

SPX BABA Closed Early / Short NFLX Puts

#spxcampaign Closed Early
$SPX STC 1/12 2750/2775 BUCS @ 13.00 BTO @ .94 on 12/20 Have a few left. Thank you @jeffcp66
$SPX BTC 1/16 2675/2700 BUPS @ .20 (GTC order) STO @ 5.00 on 1/3 Many thanks SPX guru @jeffcp66

#shortputs Closed Early
$BABA BTC 1/19 195/185 BECS @ 4.30 STO @ 1.30 on 12/22

$NFLX STO 1/19 210/215 BUPS @ 1.40 Earnings 1/22 – Expecting melt up

SPX calls sold (he said meekly)

#SPXcampaign Sold $SPX Jan 26th 2800/2825 call spreads for 3.60.

I decided to dip my toe in since we had such a strong surge at the end of the day. If we get any pullback or consolidation over next couple of days, I can close this for under a dollar. If not, I’ll stop it at 5.00 or 6.00.



Roll EWZ Jan12’18 40.5 calls to Jan26’18 41 calls for 0.05 debit.  A pull back would be nice in this one.

Roll MGM Jan12’18 34 calls to MGM Jan26’18 34.5 calls for 0.09 credit.