Bought to close 1 SPY Dec 13 2022 380.0 Put at $0.01. Sold yesterday at $0.46

Sold TLRY Dec 16 2022 5.0 Covered Calls at $0.03. (Taking in more cash against this dog)

Sold 1 SOXL Dec 16 2022 16.5 Call at $0.14

Sold LABU Dec 16 2022 8.0 Calls at $0.18

Sold to close UVXY Dec 16 2022 7.0 Puts at $0.23. Bought between 10/26 thru 11/01 at $0.06 average price.
To replace these so I can continue selling weekly UVXY Puts:
Bought to open UVXY Mar 17 2023 4.0 Puts at $0.05.
Bought to open UVXY Jun 16 2023 3.0 Puts at $0.08

Sold to close VXX Dec 16 2022 14.0 Puts at $0.22. Bought on 10/14 at $0.10
#VXX Contango

VXX Puts

With all my long VXX stock gone via assignment last Friday and all last week’s short puts covered at a penny, I’m wading back into some #VXXContango Trades.
Bought to Open 2 Contracts VXX Mar 18 2022 13.0 Puts / Sold to Open VXX Dec 10 2021 22.0 Puts at $0.07 Net Credit
Bought to Open 2 Contracts VXX Mar 18 2022 13.0 Puts / Sold to Open VXX Dec 17 2021 20.5 Puts at $0.03 Net Credit
Long side = 102 DTE
Short side = 4 DTE and 11 DTE


Fishback has their simple VIX…

Fishback has their simple VIX profits available again for $1495. Anyone interested? I am not advertising for them but I have not been able to fully reverse engineer their trigger for switching from VXX to XIV.

If some others are interested we could split price and all learn the trigger for the #vxxgame trades.


#VXX Game #ShortPuts Trying to…

#VXX Game #ShortPuts Trying to induce a pull back. Sold to open Dec 15th 100 Puts @ 1.50 when SVXY was at 114.42.

#VXX game I have been…

#VXX game

I have been dissecting the XIV/VXX system marketed by one of the option companies and think I have a better version for the bistroers which many of you are already doing. As I clear out some margin I will start it with a few contracts and keep it rolling TT style. Sell 45 DTE delta 16 or so options and roll as they decay.

So when the VIX heads into backwardization like today, this service goes long VXX when it reverts to contango they close VXX and go long XIV. We can do the same with SVXY and UVXY but with a turbo because of the options.

Sell puts on SVXY and calls on UVXY after a volatility spike or both for the turbo effect. Then when we hit backwardization can sell puts on VXX or go long UVXY stock and get called out on the sold calls. As short as the spikes seem to be I would use short dated options, especially on the VXX. Or if you sold puts on SVXY just take delivery of the stock and then you are long on the reverse anyway.

I know most of you are doing this and I am preaching to the choir but thanks to all of you I am learning how to play VXX game as well and just thinking out loud about ways to keep it rolling long term and make more profits along the way.

Looks like everyone did well today, once I fixed my margin issue I had no problems and should come out ahead in a few weeks.

Cheers, Chris


#vxx game Rolled this week…

#vxx game

Rolled this week SVXY 125 puts to next week for credit of 0.56. Sold for 1.09 on the little vix spike last week.

#VXX game IRA sold Jun…

#VXX game

IRA sold Jun 16 SVXY 130 put @ 1.10

rolled TSO Jun 16 80 put to Jul 14 81 put at 0.88. Originally sold for 1.03 about 3 weeks ago.

That’s all I can do until Friday expiration when next batch of ladders expire or if something moves a lot between now and then.

#VXX game STO Jun 23…

#VXX game

STO Jun 23 112 puts at 1.40

Looks like the vix will drop more in the short term.

#spxcampaign $SPX 1/6/2017 2135/2160 BUPS…

$SPX 1/6/2017 2135/2160 BUPS @1.60 Thanks Jeff

#VXX Game
$SVXY 12/16 80 puts @ .50

#Closed Early
$AMZN 12/16 690/700 BUPS @ 96% Profit


Reminder that the next fed decision I believe is scheduled for Dec 16, 2 days before Dec monthly expiration.  I currently have not opened any #VXX related positions for Dec 24 or Dec 31 expirations.  I plan to hold off until we get close to the Fed meeting.

I expect that volatility could get elevated prior to the meeting, then just about a coin toss as to what the market will do in response.