Long Calls XLU CRM

$XLU BTO 3/16/2018 52/54 BUCS @ .74
$CRM BTO 2/16 105/115 BUCS @ 3.50

#shortputs AXDX Sold Jan. 19,…

#shortputs AXDX
Sold Jan. 19, 30 put for 1.90, stock is at 29, plan to own it.

#spycraft Closing out the put…


Closing out the put side of the Jan 19 IC at 260/256. Currently going for 0.03. Removes a lot of the downside risk and if we get above 275 will have decent profit on the call side now. Max risk to downside with the puts closed is now $1110 on 5 contracts plus the 6 longs from this morning. If we start pulling back will close the long while it is still worth something then handle the short call spread like a regular credit spread.

Going out to play in our 11 inches of snow now!

Jan 4 #Fuzzy All Fuzzies…

Jan 4 #Fuzzy
All Fuzzies are managed for the week and new ones added, including a new category I call “Lazy River Fuzzies.” I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I was scanning stocks with a weekly ATR of less than 2 in an effort to avoid a lot of the debit roll/chasing drama. My single test, CMCSA, has worked great, so added a second one today, MNST. The Lazy Rivers are cheaper to put on, have less hedge premium (lower volatility), but hopefully are more “set and forget.” I did a successful round of SPY naked put #Bitty this week….but you know…..I think fuzzies are better than bitties, so instead of setting new SPY Bitties, I have set SPY Fuzzies in all my accounts.
1. CSX Closed Down for net $1300…lots of debit rolls on this and earnings next week. It was a great #fallingknife suggestion
2. LMT-1 Debit Roll BTC Jan 5 322.5 for 2.15 STO Jan 18 325 c for 2.51
3. LMT-2 ditto
4. JPM Closed Down for net $3230.00. This was my very first Fuzzy! Earnings next week. Will reset after earnings release.
5. IWM BTC Jan 5 154 c for .96, STO Jan 12 155 c for .89
6. CMCSA (Lazy River) BTC Jan 5 41 c for .07, STO Jan 12 40.5c for .45
7. MCD BTC Jan 5 172.5 c for 1.50, STO Jan 19 175 c for 1.22
New Fuzzies:
1. EXAS (earlier this week) Apr 50/50/45 for 6.15 Jan 12 55 c -1.35 (ITM now)
2. SPY 1, 2, 3, 4 Jun 272/272/268 7.00 Jan 12 273 -.61 (going tighter on these puts)
3. MNST (Lazy River) Jun 60/60/55 5.13 Jan 12 64c -.50

I’ll do a stats recap tomorrow. A huge amount of fuzzies this week were debit rolls, so basis reduction is moving down ever so slowly, but unrealized profits with the purchase of upside allowance had added up nicely.


#IRA #ShortPuts – Freeing up some margin in the IRA. With earnings season cranking up hopefully get a chance for some more #FallingKnife trades…

Bought to Close DGX May 18 2018 80.0 Put .52 (sold for 2.20)
Bought to Close GIS Apr 20 2018 47.5 Puts @ .25 (sold for 1.62)
Bought to Close NVDA MAR 16 2018 150.0 Put @ .41 (sold for 3.69)


#ShortPuts #IRA – Going back into this one…

Sold WDC APR 20 2018 75.0 Put @ 2.80
Sold WDC APR 20 2018 72.5 Put @ 2.10
Sold WDC APR 20 2018 70.0 Put @ 1.55



Stock looking weak today, likely because of the big storm on the east coast, probably stay weak into next week.
STO $RCL Jan 19 $124 call @ $1.35, early replacement of $124 call expiring tomorrow.

Blizzard of trades

WDC has been in a new range. This is still an earnings trade I have been adjusting since last earnings drop. I am up overall on the trade, but the hedging/theta was not keeping up with the drop so went old school calendar adjustment. Rolled the long 743 DTE 90 straddle down to 82.5 for overall credit of 1.5.

Then rolled the short straddle 22 DTE 90 down to 82.5. This is a roll into earnings so good premium. Debit of 4.24 but still against my accumulated rolls of 18.27 credits. Just keeping the cash machine alive for a little longer. Here is the new profit graph as long as we stay in the new trading range of 77-85 or so. Still have 106 weeks to sell against it and no margin requirements now, that is the main reason I tweaked it and to get extra theta burn.



STO Jan 19 $72.5 puts @ $0.35

Short Puts INTC / Closed Early ADBE

$INTC STO 2/16 40/44 BUPS @ 1.13

Closed Early
$ADBE BTC 1/19 150/165 BUPS @ .10 STO @ 1.00


OK, file this under better lucky than good. I wanted to buy some $SMG stock on a pull back so had a GTC order sitting there at $103.25. Down draft this morning took it to $103 and bounced, back above $107 now.

#fallingknife KHC Oct 5, sold…

#fallingknife KHC
Oct 5, sold a Jan.19 72.50 put for 1.13, closed today for .05 (autotrade) thanks Iceman


#RocketManHedge – This was the first one I tried as an experiment. Went synthetic short for this one using Jan monthly. Never moved in my favor from the very first day. Just closed the synthetic short position at max loss of 50 points. But…weekly put sales brought in a surprising 56.3 points.

Completely out of it now with a 6.30 winner. Similar trade in March that will hopefully turn out ok. It hasn’t exactly been moving in my favor either…LOL



I just closed an unhedged #Fuzzy in DWDP that I followed @smasty160 on on 12/27/17, made $1.69! Thanks Sue!  Thought about just selling half and letting the rest ride, but since we have the jobs number tomorrow and also because the market has been having a love affair with the sky this week I decided to close it all down.

Still in SPX 2750/2775 Jan…

Still in SPX 2750/2775 Jan 12, Thx Jeff

#dividends T Research showing better…

#dividends T
Research showing better to buy T after dividends than ahead of dividends to capture the dividend.


#SyntheticShort – Out most of yesterday afternoon and late into the night. Managed to beat the cyclone into JFK. Get me back to Florida please! Just a beautiful day here. Had a fill yesterday adding to NUGT short and closed front month short puts this morning.

Added Jan 2019 32/32/34 synthetic short/disaster calls @ 9.40 (previously 10.08 at same strikes)

Bought to Close NUGT JAN 5 2018 29.5 Puts @ .03 (sold for .36)

#spycraft Taking @jeffcp66 recommendation. Just…


Taking @jeffcp66 recommendation. Just bought 6 Jan 19 271 calls. Original position was 5 IC at 272/276 on the call side. With the market going into booster phase again makes sense to go directional.

If we get above 273 will start making a little money as long as we close before expiration. If we wait too long and it does not get above 275 then we will lose about the same as we made and would be a scratch. Original position made $255, will lose 275 to 170 between 273 and 275. Above that a nice gain.


STZ earnings

#Earnings Bullish trend, stellar earnings performance.

Sold $STZ Jan 19th 220 put for 2.20. Will add another.

One day moves: Biggest UP move: 6.4%, Biggest DOWN move: -7.1%, Average move: 3.8%. +2.6% upside bias. This trade is -3.9% OTM.

Over last 12 reports, -7.1% was its only move down the day after, and that improved to only -2.7% thirteen days later (which is roughly expiration).

#spxstrategy btc on gtc SPY…


btc on gtc SPY put 26 JAN 18 265/260 PUT @.24 had sold for .59
50% return sto on 12.29.17

SPX calls closed

#SPXcampaign Closed $SPX Jan 18th (monthlys) 2750/2775 call spreads for 2.15. Sold for 1.60.

That puts me 100% long SPX.

strangling AVGO

#ShortStrangles Sold $AVGO Feb 16th 290 call for 3.25.

Sold (2) 250 puts for 5.85 last week… now making this a strangle. Will add another 290 at a higher price to balance the quantity.