Jan 22 #PieTrades LMT is…

Jan 22 #PieTrades
LMT is one of my all time favorite tickers. I feel like I’ve been a grimy street urchin staring in the the window of a sweet shop as I missed the last LMT swing, and also w/ earnings next week, been covering my eyes on it. But, today gave a great opp for my first Pie Trades! Sold this week 327 puts for .90 x 8.

Boatloads of #Fuzzy trades
1. Closed all the “twisted fuzzy” trades for small gains/losses (less than $100 per)
2 Opened new unhedged fuzzies on SPY, Feb 282/282/279 for 1.93 (only 4-lots)
3. I’ve mentioned the “Gorilla Trades” service before. Pretty great service. Their picks are very often best played with shares vs. options (monthlies, thin). But I’m tired of getting left behind on the myriad of explosive moves in their portfolio. So I’m using unhedged fuzzies, small lot, to create a shotgun approach in building a Gorilla portfolio. On Friday I put on a 3-lot unhedged fuzzy on Gorilla pick INGN, it was closed today for 357% gain. Additional openings today: BAH, MYGN, IP.
4. Unhedged fuzzy on MSFT from Friday was closed for 40% gain, then placed again immediately after seeing #UOA on it. I now have Apr 90/90/85 for 2.45 x 10.


NFLX Booming AH

Looks like our trades for NFLX earnings might be fine.
Lets hope gravity does not exhibit its charm anytime soon.

SPX trades


Closed $SPX Jan 26th 2790/2765 put spreads for 1.20. Sold for 8.20 last Tuesday.

Closed on GTC order: Feb 2nd 2660/2635 put spreads for .20. Sold for 1.55 on Jan 5th.

Stopped Feb 15th 2890/2915 put spreads for 3.05, sold for 1.50 last Wednesday. Will look to roll tomorrow


$SPX 2755/2780 BUPS Thank you @jeffcp66 Sold for 2.20 on 1/18

NFLX earnings

#Earnings Added a Jan 26th 205 put for 1.19 before the bell. Was waiting for a bit more pullback but it went the wrong way. So I have two strangles…


SPX Campaign / Short Puts CMG FB / Long Calls PETS CMG

$SPX STO 2/7 2765/2790 BUPS @ 3.55
$SPX STO 2/23 2925/2900 BECS @ 1.80 Thank you @jeffcp66

$FB STO 2/16 165/175 BUPS @ 1.55
$CMG STO 2/16 315/325 BUPS @ 3.80

$CMG BTO 2/16 340/350 BUCS @ 4.69
$PETS BTO 2/16 45/55 BUCS @ 4.70 Inspired by @honkhonk81


#SyntheticStock – Booking this one also. Caught it right at the squeeze and we’re in day 9 now so gotta be close to a rest (or maybe phase 2 ? ) Just crossed into negative deltas so outta here. I’ll get back in on a pullback or sell something for earnings.

Sold to Close Jan 2019 175/175/170 synthetic
Bought to Close Jan 26 2018 182.5 calls @ 5.30

Net credit including weekly sales (only one sale…LOL) of 20.25 with initial cost of 16.64 for a 3.61 winner.