Jan 5, 2018

Fractured Focus Today
I heard this is the best trading week since sometime in 2006? This is also the week 5 sheriff deputies were shot in my (almost) backyard. Fractured focus today as I left trading behind to try to honor the victim just a little. I’m happy to live in a community of many people who felt the same way.
I’ll post more tomorrow….especially about the power of unhedged Fuzzies. This morning, I found myself with $1.9M in SPY power, with only $63K at risk. Oh @fuzzballl You are like an onion of opportunity!
(Jan 5

Late Fill Roll SVXY Calls

$SVXY BTC 1/19 75 call @ 60.96 STO 3/16 80 call @ 58.20 Might be delaying the inevitable. Duh


Might be my smallest expiration in years
$C $72 puts
$RCL $124 #coveredcalls

No $SVXY, $UVXY or $VXX expirations this week

Running pretty low on short option positions.


$SPX 2500/2525 BUPS STO 12/5 for 1.45 Thank you @jeffcp66
$NFLX 205 call (Twas covered – what’s five points among friends) Still profit was made on stock as well

Have a great weekend. Those of us needing warmth – layer up.


Only 4 today but I have a big one on the 19th.

SVXY 60 puts

SVXY 65 puts

SVXY 70 puts

SVXY 75 puts

Short Puts OLED EXAS

$OLED STO 2/16 169/170 BUPS @ 2.55
$EXAS STO 1/19 55 Put @ 1.95

BTC SPX 16 FEB 18…

BTC SPX 16 FEB 18 2605/2505 BuPS @3.25 Sold on 2 JAN 2018 for $5.00