MRVL ROKU ZM Calls / NEWT Assigned Early / GSX Put Closed

$MRVL STO 2/21 25 call at .60
$ROKU STO 2/7 25 call at 1.60
$ZM STO 2/7 78 call at 1.25

#shortputs #earlyassignment
$NEWT 2/21 22.50 assigned. Basis 22.05. Stock at 20.73. Ooops
$GSX BTC 2/21 30 put at $2.00. STO on 1/23 at 2.60. Corona aversion.

Dub cal updates

#EarlyAssignment last night on just one (1) $NOC Apr 26th 295 put, part of my #DoubleCalendar. Sold the long May 2nd put for 16.00, and waited through the dip to sell stock for 280.50, netting 1.50 for a profit of .43. The rest of my position will probably not fare so well, but I’ll probably hold again tonight and may be assigned more. (Dub cal bought Wednesday for 1.07.

$MMM has made its biggest earnings drop in at least 17 years, which is as far back as I have records. Nothing you can do about that…. it was the perfect candidate for this strategy, but even “perfect” is no guarantee. I will likely close put side today and not risk early assignment. (bought yesterday for .91)

$FFIV jumped around the center strike in the morning but I got no fill. Now looking for it to recover. (bought yesterday for .81)

Not seeing any great candidates for dub cals today. Maybe $SBUX. Looking at a low risk #IronButterfly on $AMZN.

Rolled AMZN Short Call

$AMZN BTC 3/15 1675 and STO 3/22 1690 call for additional 3.60 credit. Sold against long 4/18 1700 calls.

$EVTC Assigned 3/15 calls at 30. Basis 29.70 Stock current price 28.67

SFIX assignment

#Earnings #Assignment #EarlyAssignment #ShortStock
Assigned over half of my position on $SFIX short 25 calls. Closed short stock position for 31.90. Will sell long calls to cancel out loss, and hopefully cancel out original purchase too if I can get the stock just a bit higher.

#earlyassignment Someone finally took my…


Someone finally took my GM stock for the dividend. Total loss of $321 after 22 or so weeks of rolling. Could have been worse, at one point was down almost 4k.

Rolling works but names with higher premiums work better. For those following #pietrades GM is off the list. Plenty of better opportunities out there.

#earlyassignment #coveredcalls TLT Assigned on…

#earlyassignment #coveredcalls TLT

Assigned on a May/June 121 put calendar, sold the June put, then sold a June 15, 120 call, cost basis of 116.94.

SVXY roll

#VXXGame Doing a @fuzzballl style #ReverseRoll on this one. My naked call was bound for #EarlyAssignment any day now so I finally closed it. Getting some of that premium back with an ITM put spread. If we have a significant drop before June, I can sell the long put and take assignment of the stock at a decent cost basis.

Closed $SVXY Jan 16th 97.5 call for 38.35. Sold as the 195 call for 6.25 on 1/6/17, exactly a year ago…. cost basis 3.125, so not a great trade!

Sold SVXY June 150/110 put spread for 18.40. So for instance if SVXY dips to 80 at June expiration, I would get the stock at 101.60 cost basis. I’ll be looking for another roll on the next pullback.

Friday Night Special Surprise

$CELG 1/05/2018 115 put assigned. Basis 112.55

Will sell Tuesday most likely

$SWN #EarlyAssignment – Assigned of…

$SWN #EarlyAssignment – Assigned of some SWN Dec 6 Puts overnight. Too bad because the stock was at 5.90 Tuesday morning. However I’m holding the stock into the new year. It’s only 0.40 away from the 1 year low and I’m sure it’s subject to end of year tax selling pressure.
Originally sold these SWN Dec 15 2017 6.0 Puts @ 0.75 so it’s pretty much like buying the stock right here at 5.25.


STMP stock

#Earnings #EarlyAssignment #LongStock

I was assigned on all $STMP Dec 1st 200/180 put spreads, so now I only carry long stock. I just sold the last long put for 4.00. With all the selling of naked options, put spreads, and finally the long puts left after short puts in the spreads were assigned, my cost basis is 179.62. About where we’re trading now. I’ll start peeling this off before it returns to 200.