(Almost) Can’t win with $RH

#ShortStrangles It is fitting that after weeks of being blown out to the upside that my short PUTS go ITM on the day of expiry. This started as a Sept 8th 38/64.5 #Earnings strangle. I’ve been rolling out the call side ever since, and now finally ending the trade with trouble on the put side.

Even though I’m closing the 90’s at a small loss, the 85 was profitable and 110 calls also closed for .05. This puts me barely in the green on $RH so I’m walking away. I will be back next earnings. Love the challenge.

Closed $RH Dec 29th 85 put for .10. Sold for 1.65 on 12/6.
Closed $RH Dec 29th 90 puts for 2.65. Sold for 1.25, avg price.