XRP (Ripple)

#Cryptocurrency never closes. Not sure why this thing spiked today but just can’t pass up these kinds of returns in a few weeks.

Sold 3900 XRP @ 2.12 (bought for .26)

Definitely a happy new year!

Filled on final plunge

#SPXcampaign Sold $SPX Jan 2nd 2665/2640 put spreads for 1.30. Could have gotten over 2.00 if I had thought the punch down would be so sharp. Looks like it might have gone ITM in the after market. These expire on Tuesday, OTM, I hope.

Options Expiration for 12/29

2 expirations today, no assignments:
$CAT Dec 29 128 puts
$SVXY Dec 29 70 puts

I also got filled after the bell on the move down into the close:
Sold $SVXY Feb 2 75 put @ 1.20

Have a Happy New Year everyone!

#OptionExpiration Hey Gang, hope you…

Hey Gang, hope you had a profitable week. Took the week off to spend with family. Had to make a couple of trades just before the close on some ITM #CoveredCalls.

$SVXY $65 puts
$SVXY $70 puts
$SVXY $75 puts

Allowing to be exercised
$V $112 #CoveredCalls
$DWDP $70.5 #CoveredCall, allowing another 1/3 of position to be called away

Other Trade
Rolled $DWDP $70.5 12/29 #CoveredCalls to 1/12 $71 for $.10 credit

#spxstrategy one more right before…


one more right before bell.
and them I am stepping away from screen looking for an adult beverage.

sto SPX 26 JAN 18 2560/2540 PUT @.80
will place gtc @ 50%
2 accounts/manipulation by market/oh yea/but 28 dte for it to decay.
10.5 implied vol for this expiration and expected move of spx up to then +-$ 64.00.

Dumping LITE

#Earnings #LongStock Dumped these shares for 48.85. Tax loss. Sick of watching it do nothing.

Starting fresh for the new year! See y’all then!

#cryptocurrency Update, one of my…


Update, one of my sons and I have received both antminers L3+
they run at 504 M/ hash and use 800 watts.
cost about 80 dollar in electricity per month total.
received one on dec 1 other one dec 15th.

So far have made 3 litecoins,would of had more but bounced around to different pools and one of em Nicehash was hacked and we lost about 100 dollars of bitcoin.

We are using Litecoinpool and mining Litecoin.
They average output is about .14 Litecoin in 24 hours,then it is auto sent to our online wallet.