#SyntheticStock – Here’s the details on the early assignment long stock roll to synthetic trade repair…

Sold ADSK JAN 18 2019 105.0 Puts @ 13.78
Bought ADSK JAN 18 2019 105.0 Calls @ 16.01

Bought ADSK JAN 18 2019 100.0 Puts @ 11.36

This gives a net debit of 13.59 for the Jan 2019 position. Add the 5 point max downside and get a max loss possibility of 18.59. Add the loss of 9.62 from the rolled position and max risk jumps to 28.21.

Based on that, and the 56 weeks remaining in the trade I need to average about 50 cents per week in sales to cover the absolute worst case scenario. I’m currently using an equal size trade as the previous one but considering doubling the size to possibly sell more conservative weeklies and/or get back to even sooner.


Sold ADSK DEC 29 2017 107.0 Calls @ .79



BTC EWZ Dec22’17 39.5 calls for 0.07, STO was 0.17.

BTC MGM Dec22’17 33.5 calls for 0.10, STO was 0.22.


BTC VRX Dec22’17 21.5 calls for 0.15, STO was 0.28.

Closed all these out early as I have to work next couple of days (and all were green but could have easily turned red before Friday)  I am waiting to sell for next week.


I have 28 orders today, so I’ll sort through highlights. Also there were orders yesterday that I didn’t recap so if you were tracking a particular position and it disappeared don’t hesitate to ask.
1. My best trade of the day was scalping TSLA based on #UOA. I caught a big Jan 345 opening order for 3820 contracts so I quick bought a #BUCS and some shares and netted $1440 before going flat.
2. RCL needed a little #defense on a #BUPS, break even not yet breached, which is the best time for defense. I have on a Jan 123/120 credit spread x 10, so I butterflied it by selling more 123 and buying 126, x 4. By doing it early I only need 4 contracts to do the following: 1. cut long deltas in half (from 142 to 72), 2. move BE from 122.27 to 121.68, 3. raise max loss from $2,227 to $1,678, 4. Increase max profit
3. Bought NTNX shares at 35.25 and 34.75, I have 800 shares now
4. FAS Fuzzy roll to next week
5. MSFT #ShortPut scalps for this week the 85’s and 85.5’s, flat now for $370
6. MU new #Fuzzy Apr 46/46/41 with Dec 29 47 short calls
7. Caught some LOW UOA…when a fund buys expensive calls at an underlying high it’s a powerful trade, so followed along buying some Jan 92 calls at 1.52.
8. CELG rolled Fuzzy calls to next week

Fuzzies that still need managed this week: DWDP, JPM,

TT research, managing at 50%…

TT research, managing at 50% still looks like the best ROC. Recent in last 2 weeks.

SPX #BullPutSpreads #spxstrategy STO 4…

SPX #BullPutSpreads #spxstrategy
STO 4 Jan 19 2545/2565 BuPS @ .75 when index at 2679.18
Thanks @walter6871

RH calls

#Earnings #Rolling Finishing up my multi-month battle with $RH. After closing earnings strangles successfully, I just sold Dec 29th 110 calls for 1.20. These offset 85 and 90 puts. If I can get these all to expire I’ll be done with this one. Currently in a daily squeeze so could be poised to move.

NUGT flying

#ContangoETFs Sold $NUGT Jan 19th 30 call for 1.30
Sold $NUGT June 40 call

These are the same call strikes I’m already holding in $DUST, so they are margin free.