$DWDP $71 #coveredcalls
$FB $170 puts
$QQQ $151.5/$146.5 bull put spreads
$SVXY $25 puts
$SVXY $70 puts
$SVXY $75 puts
$SVXY $80 puts
$SVXY $82.50 puts
$SVXY $85 puts
$SVXY $105/$100/$90 put Butterfly’s
$UVXY $20.5 calls
$UVXY $23 calls
$UVXY $31 calls

Other trades made today.
BTC $MSFT Dec 22 $81 puts @ $.03, (sold $.42)
BTC $SQ Dec 15 $38 puts @ $1.00, (sold $.50) chose not to get assigned, don’t like they way it is trading
STO $DWDP Dec 29 $70.5 calls @ $0.55, replacing expiring calls
Rolled $RCL #Coveredcalls from Dec 15 $123 to Dec 22 $124 for $0.05 credit, want to hold the stock a bit longer

Day job has been really consuming my time so have done very little trading.
Have a great weekend everyone.

Expiration for Dec 15

$CELG Dec 15 90 puts
$DUST Dec 15 35 calls
$FB Dec 15 170 puts
$GE Dec 15 24 calls (covered)
$ILMN Dec 15 160 puts
$IRBT Dec 15 60 puts
$LRCX Dec 15 175 puts
$LRCX Dec 15 210 calls
$NUGT1 Dec 15 16 calls (pre-split strike—sold prior to the last 1:4 reverse split)
$STX Dec 15 28 puts
$SVXY Dec 15 35 puts
$SVXY Dec 15 70 puts
$SVXY Dec 15 82.50 puts
$SVXY Dec 15 95 puts
$UVXY Dec 15 50 calls
$UVXY Dec 15 55 calls
$UVXY1 Dec 15 37 calls (pre-split strike—sold prior to the last 1:4 revers split)
$WHR Dec 15 145 puts

$KMI Dec 15 25 puts (will be going long stock)

Have a great weekend everyone. Volume should be really light for the next 2 weeks.

Expirations and Lesson Learned

Expired Full Profit

$SPX 2635/2660
$BIDU 210/220 BUPS
$COST 150/160 BUPS
$FB 160/170 BUPS
$GWW 175/185 BUPS
$SPX 2460/2485 BUPS
$AMZN 1060/1110 BUPS
$PVH 120/130 BUPS
$SQ 45 calls (covered)
$EXAS 60 calls (covered)
$NFLX 195 calls (covered)
$SVXY 40 put
$SWIR 20 put
$SVXY 25 put
$STX 36 put
$SVXY 85 put
$SVXY 75 put
$SVXY 90 put

Expired Full Loss

$SPX 2665/2686 BUCS I bought the monthlies which
expire in the AM while the weeklies (same date) expire
at days end thereby missing the 25 point increase in $SPX.
Another expensive lesson.
$SPX 2635/2660 BUPS Same problem These were AM expires.
I am going to get drunk.

$SQ 38.5 put Basis 37.75
$MZOR 60 put Basis 58.20

Have a great weekend. Having the family over to decorate my tree.
Hope I can smile by then.

Expirations, have a nice weekend and hope for a 1% correction some day.

LRCX 175 put

AMZN 1060/1110 bull put spread

25 puts
30 puts
35 puts
37.5 puts
40 puts
55 puts
60 puts
70 puts

37.5 puts and 50 puts

SPX final trades

#SPXcampaign Sold $SPX Dec 27th 2665/2640 put spreads for 4.60, as a #ReverseRoll from Dec 26th calls stopped earlier.

Closed Dec 22nd 2670/2695 call spreads for 11.60. Sold yesterday for 5.55.
#IBroll to Dec 29th 2665/2690/2690/2715 #IronButterfly. Shooting for ending the year at or near 2690, but either way I can roll as necessary.

No Expirations.

$VIAB #ShortPuts – Bought to…

$VIAB #ShortPuts – Bought to close VIAB Dec 15 2017 30.0 Puts @ 0.05 to avoid assignment tonight.
Sold in May @ 1.35


Is it finally getting off its ass?

$FOSL #ShortPuts – Bought to…

$FOSL #ShortPuts – Bought to close FOSL Dec 15 2017 7.0 Puts @ 0.30 with the stock at 6.71 to avoid assignment tonight.
Sold on 08/22/2017  @ 1.10
Also Bought to close FOSL Dec 15 2017 8.0 Puts @ 1.25 with the stock at 6.76. Sold @ 1.65

Closing Early

$SPX 12/22 BTC 2635/2660 BUPS @ 3.00 STO @ 8.70 on 12/11 Thank you @jeffcp66
$NVDA 12/15 BTC 170/185 BUPS @ .40 82% of max profit
$VEEV 12/15 BTC 55/60 BUPS @ 4.20 STO @ 1.26
$ADBE 12/22 BTC 182.50/177.50 BECS @ 41% max profit Thankk you @fuzzballl for the FFET

$SVXY #shortcalls Rolled my short…

$SVXY #shortcalls
Rolled my short Dec 15 $116 calls out to Jan 19 $120 for $1cr, and long Dec 22 $129 calls out to Jan 19 $145 for $1cr.
Also rolled covered Dec 15 calls out to Dec 29 $118 for 0.50db, still net gain $1.50 if exercised.
I split the number of contracts because I sold half the stock to cover a car purchase. This gives me time to repurchase the shares after exercised Dec 29. Hopefully the stock will correct shortly after.

SPX calls stopped

#SPXcampaign As per usual, whenever I’m forced to hedge against a big drop I end up getting slammed on the call side.

Stopped $SPX Sept 26th 2695/2720 call spreads for 4.45. Sold yesterday in the 2620/2645/2695/2720 #CondorRoll for 6.65. Fortunately the put side has made more than the calls lost today (put deltas were much higher than the calls when I sold it).

Haven’t decided how I’m rolling yet. Also have a call spread I sold yesterday, Dec 22nd 2670/2695 for 5.55, now at 10.65. Looking to close this one as well.


#SyntheticStock Roll MYL Dec15’17 39 calls to Dec29’17 39.5 calls for 0.06 credit

#Fuzzy BTC TWTR Dec15’17 22.5 calls @ 0.10, sold for 0.16 earlier in the week made the family some zaxby’s money. STO TWTR Dec22’17 23 calls for 0.27.


STO January 19, 115 calls @ 1.26, I will be assigned today on the 115 puts and my cost basis will be 112.73

ALK #FallingKnife #shortputs BTC 1…

ALK #FallingKnife #shortputs
BTC 1 $ALK April 18 2018 55 put @.65, STO Nov 11 55 put @ 2.02 taking 68% 126 DTE
Thanks @OptionIceman (I’m sure this will get richer but can’t hold as long…take tt better than 50%.)

12/15 Trades

MNST: STC tight debit spread, cutting it early. BTO @ .50 STC @ .65 for $150
MSFT: I’m always trying to build a stock portfolio w/ MSFT by selling #ShortPuts but I never get assignment. I saw a chance yesterday to sell 1DTE puts for .49, closed this morning for .02 for $470
AFL: Closed a January directional butterfly. When I opened the fly I thought “this is dumb, you’ll never get more than $100” Closed today for $170 profit
COT: Remember this spec trade? Based on upcoming 13f filings, it will go out at full loss -378.00. No more spec trades for me…time to remember my powerhouse trades and renew discipline for what works.
SPX Campaign: I happen to have an account with zero positions this morning, so starting a test of the #SPXCampaign process, I followed Jeff’s trade, but with a onesie. Jan 12 2730/2755 1.50 cr
#Bitties: Had 3 SPX bitties close for 30 contracts, total $1200 profit. One of them (already accounted for in the #FuzzyBear post) was only on for a day, I used the AS-BB indicator for timing placement. I’m currently out of index bitties, would like to see a new oscillator low before placing new ones.

Green open positions: ABBV, ADS, CELG, FLIR, IWM, JPM, LMT, MSFT, NTNX, SPY, TWTR, TXN
Red open positions: AOBC, DHI, DWDP, LKQ, MU, NUE, QQQ, SHAK, ULTA

I have very high cash balances right now, only small % is at work.

I’m probably done trading today, got to do the dreaded post office run. Our post office here is like a 3rd world country. 200 people in line and one person working. I hope everyone has a restful safe weekend. Me? I love a good whiskey in front of the fire on Friday afternoons.



What do we want to calls these? Mini SPX campaign or just SPY campaign. Can create a hashtag.

So I saw the reversal before I went to bed but was too busy in the office to open early. So just sold 5 contracts of the 21 DTE 261/257 put spread for 0.22. Now will wait on reversal at the top to add the call side.

To keep everything true, starting balance exactly $7140 on 12-15-2017. Each week add new trade until there is a 3-4 week running ladder of credit spreads and IC but will take a slightly directional bias using the alphashark tools and will use /es signals instead of spy because of night time trading. Credit of 105 – 4.95 for commissions so just say $100. Goal is $140 or so per week for a double. Every $2000 increase will add another contract for compounding.

Goal is at least a double on this account for 1 year.

Also rolled WDC 35 DTE 90 out to 42 DTE for 0.43 credit.

Back to work for me, getting in the way of trading!

#spycampaign, #spycraft

#coveredcalls ORCL Following Tradewise, bought…

#coveredcalls ORCL
Following Tradewise, bought 100 shares and sold a Jan. 18, 2019 50 call, stock is at 48, down a little over 2 after earnings. Their method seems to be to get in after a drop and just prior to dividends, and roll many times.



Got back into VRX, maybe it settled down a little. Bought VRX Apr’18 +20calls -20puts +17puts for 1.29. Sold VRX Dec22’17 21.5 calls for 0.28.

SPX hedge in March

#RocketManHedge – Moving from Monday out and up to next Friday. New sale is aggressive at the same strike as my synthetic short…

Bought to Close SPX DEC 18 2017 2650.0 Put @ .85 (sold for 5.40)

Sold SPX DEC 22 2017 2670.0 Put @ 9.20

SPX trades

#SPXcampaign Closed my long call spread that expires today.

First, I closed the short 2685 calls for .10. These can cause problems closing a spread that’s expiring on the same day. If they are too far OTM they won’t carry a bid in the afternoon, so I cleared them away so I could deal only with long 2665 calls.

Closed $SPX Dec 15th 2665 calls for 3.50 and 3.70. Bought the spread for 3.00.
Then, the SPX took off, so I closed the rest at 7.70. What a difference 10 minutes makes!

Sold $SPX Jan 12th 2730/2755 call spreads for 1.50. Had not sold any calls this week, anticipating the Upside Warning. But since it hasn’t come I’m dipping my toe back into call credit spreads.

Closed on GTC order:
Dec 29th 2540/2515 put spreads for .20. Sold for 1.45 in last week of Nov

ADBE fat finger

#Earnings – This would’ve been almost a perfect position…..IF I would’ve sold the correct week. Oops…sold next week instead. A mistake but a small winner! Get ’em next time.

Bought to Close ADBE DEC 22 2017 172.5/177.5/182.5 Iron Fly @ 3.50 (sold for 4.10)

Fuzzy Rolls

LMT #Fuzzy from just 8 days ago was up over $2,000 net today. Rather than roll, I decided to close it all and look for a new opp to reset.
CELG I rolled yesterday locking in $750 for the week and selling another 1.00 for next week, my “Stage One” net debit is now only $0.63.
JPM I rolled on Wed before FOMC locking in $550 for the week and selling .95 for next week. My “Stage One” net debit is now only $1.04
NUE got hit with some bad news this week on guidance, took the stock down yesterday but just beyond the synthetic level. Premium is slow to come out of the short calls today, in latter half of the day I will place new position for next week and just let this week expire. That will bring in $560 for the week.
IWM: Opened yesterday, no roll today
TWTR: Up nicely, but no roll for this week
SPX: #FuzzyBear Rolled earlier this week. I have realized income of $7100 on this in just 8 days. Stage One has gone from $40 to $30. Much more to go! Like @fuzzballl said earlier this week…just keep chipping away at it.

I’m looking at #Fuzzy debit recovery in two stages, Stage One is the trade debit recovery, then Stage Two is the spread risk recovery.



STO EWZ Dec22’17 39.5 calls @ 0.18

2017 tax, what is the…

2017 tax, what is the best strategy in handling losses. For example if someone lost $20,000.00 on UVXY, should he/she sell UVXY calls for 2018 before the end of 2017 compensating the losses?

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