Expiration / SPX Campaign / VXX Game /Short Puts / Closed Early / Rolled

$SPX 2455/2480 BUPS
$SPX 2560/2585 BUPS Thank you @jeffcp66
$ADBE 167.50/177/50 BUPS Thank you @thomberg1201
$NFLX 202.50 calls

$SPX STO 12/8 2555/2580 BUPS @ 1.50
$SPX STO 12/29 2475/2500 BUPS @ 1.40 Thank you @jeffcp66

$SVXY STO 12/15 90put @ 1.75 Thank you @fuzzballl

$XOP 1/19/2018 34 put @ .75

Closed Early
$SPX BTC 12/29 2720/2695 BECS @ 3.00 STO 11/28 @ 1.55
$NVDA BTC 12/15 245/230 BECS @ .15 STO @ 2.05

Rolled Long Calls
$XHB STC 1/19/2018 37 calls @ 6.95 BTO $XHB 1/19/201841 calls @ 3.15

Have a great weekend. Thanks to all you terrific people.

Final SPX trades & Expiration

#SPXcampaign #OptionsExpiration

After the bell, sold $SPX Dec 29th 2710/2735 call spreads for 1.85.
After the bell, sold $SPX Dec 20th 2590/2615 call spreads for 20.50. This replaces one of three ITM call spreads I closed before this recent rally.

#Exercised SPX Dec 1st 2615 long calls, for 26.80. Coupled with the earlier cover of the shorts at 9.30, that’s 17.50 for a 15-wide spread. Bought for 2.25 last Friday. Half sold for 9.00 on Tuesday, so average profit of 11.00 for the whole position.


PCLN IC 1715/1712.50 1790/1792.50 .50
SPX 2565/2555 .35
TLT 127/128 .17


Fairly light week
$ATVI $65.5o #covercalls
$FB $170 puts
$SVXY $50 puts
$SVXY $80 puts
$UVXY $22 calls

Have a great weekend everyone.

My Best YM Day thus Far


Take a look at the YM for today Fuzzy..a terrific day…:)

Afternoon all. Crazy day. I…

Afternoon all. Crazy day. I was able to fire off a few SVXY Puts before I had to charge out the door.
Sold to open
Dec 29th 80 Puts @ 1.60, 1.65 and 1.80 with SVXY between 103.40 an 102.54
Dec 29th 75 Puts @ 1.55
Missed a fill on 70 Puts.

Nothing for OpEx for me this week.
Have a great weekend all. Monday will be interesting.


Only 2 today but it was a good day. Finally some nice volatility.

SVXY 55 puts

SVXY 60 puts

I am signing off so have a good weekend everyone.


#ShortStrangles – Another roll against DITM calls. Nice consistent premium every week.

Rolled WYNN DEC 1 2017 160.0 Puts to DEC 8 2017 160.0 Puts @ 1.81 credit

@jeffcp66, this is getting close….

@jeffcp66, this is getting close. My last patient did not show up so have a few minutes to try the code.


Thinkscript below for the BBMACD. Change bb length to 5 and num dev to 0.5. other settings stay 12,26,5

plot Data = close;
declare lower;

input price = close;

input BBlength = 10;

input BBNum_Dev = 1.0;

input MACDfastLength = 12;

input MACDslowLength = 26;

input MACDLength = 5;

def MACD_Data = MACD(fastLength = MACDfastLength, slowLength = MACDslowLength, MACDLength = MACDLength);

plot MACD_Dots = MACD_Data;

plot MACD_Line = MACD_Data;

plot BB_Upper = reference BollingerBands(price = MACD_Line, length = BBlength, Num_Dev_Dn = -BBNum_Dev, Num_Dev_Up = BBNum_Dev).UpperBand;

plot BB_Lower = reference BollingerBands(price = MACD_Line, length = BBlength, Num_Dev_Dn = -BBNum_Dev, Num_Dev_Up = BBNum_Dev).Lowerband;

plot BB_Midline = reference BollingerBands(price = MACD_Line, length = BBlength, Num_Dev_Dn = -BBNum_Dev, Num_Dev_Up = BBNum_Dev).MidLine;








MACD_Dots.AssignValueColor(if MACD_Line > MACD_Line[1] then Color.GREEN else Color.RED);

plot zero = 0;

zero.AssignValueColor(if MACD_Line < 0 then Color.RED else Color.GREEN);


The way I would trade it is to ignore the colors, take the direction when the avg line moves outside the bb wave. These settings are almost identical to the paid product.

I looked at the code for the indicator, it is all encrypted.

Some trades from earlier

Similar to @vxxkelly I was away from my desk during the crucial hour when the market was at its lows of the day. Of course that’s the only period of time I missed all day. Still was able to get a few trades off.
$SVXY Mar 16 45 put @ 1.15
$SVXY Jan 19 65 put @ 1.19
$UVXY Jun 15 60 call @ 2.10 (highest strike)
$UVXY Mar 16 70 calls @ 1.00

So I’ll either be able to sell some more if the market fades again, or the market keeps moving up we’ll be seeing Iceman’s billboard. 🙂

SPX long leg-out

#SPXcampaign Wish I’d done this near the lows but it was too nerve-wracking… closed the short leg of the long $SPX Dec 1st 2615/2630 call spread for 9.30. Waiting for higher prices to close the long leg, hopefully netting more than the 15.00 I would have made had I let the whole spread expire ITM. Better not crash on me now!

#earnings #shortputs #rolling HCA In…

#earnings #shortputs #rolling HCA

In July I sold an #ironcondor for earnings, HCA tanked. I originally had a short 82 put, rolled it up to 82.50, the first of 4 rolls, waiting for a week like this week, closed at a gain of 148 today. Thanks to all who have shown how rolling can work.


Since I’m way late I didn’t get aggressive, but did add a few positions.
$UVXY STO Dec 8 $23.5 calls @ $0.33
$UVXY STO Dec 15 $31 calls @ $0.35
$SVXY STO Mar’18 $45 put @ $1.40 (added to position)
$SVXY STO Dec 29 $65 puts @ $0.75
$SVXY STO Dec 8 $80 puts @ $0.55
$SVXY STO Dec 8 $85 puts @ $0.77

Twitter and RSS feeds

I’ve added my @OptionsBistro twitter feed and also some CNBC RSS feeds to the right hand column. I’ll be altering or changing these as I monitor content. Any suggestions for RSS feeds, let me know, and if you see a good tweet you can forward it to my Twitter handle @OptionsBistro, and I’ll consider retweeting so it shows up below.

Wow, I went to a…

Wow, I went to a couple of meetings and missed quite a move in the market.


#IRA #VXXGame – Replaced a few others that were closed earlier this week…

Sold UVXY JUN 15 2018 30.0/45.0 Bear Call Spreads @ 1.20


#ShortPuts #VXXGame #IRA – Out most of the morning but luckily caught some of the dip. Was able to re-sell a few that were closed earlier this week. 🙂

Sold SVXY DEC 15 2017 90.0 Put @ 2.46
Sold SVXY JAN 19 2018 75.0 Put @ 2.80
Sold SVXY MAR 16 2018 60.0 Put @ 3.40

Selling calls

#SPXcampaign I’m looking to sell an ITM call spread (Dec 20th 2590/2615). Waiting to see how much bounce we can get. Also plan to sell a Dec 29 call spread with short about 2710.


#ShortStrangles – Replacing today’s expiration…

Sold ADSK DEC 8 2017 111.0 Calls @ .85

RH closed

#Earnings #ShortStrangles
Closed these positions to avoid volatility later today:
$RH Dec 1st 95 puts for .20. Sold for 1.77 avg price
$RH Dec 1st 100 put for 1.00. Sold for 3.07 avg price

Mitch McConnell: ‘We have the votes’ to pass tax bill


$SVXY #ShortPuts STO January 19…

$SVXY #ShortPuts STO January 19 50 puts @ 1.05 on the dip…


STO SPX, 2380/2480 bull put spread @ 1.30

So I was away from…

So I was away from the computer with TOS and just came back for lunch, that is a good move. I think the new indicator may work, especially for VXX. Screen shot below from this morning, here is the follow through.


Now just need to figure out at what level the trigger will change from close positions to actually reversing.

Upside Warning canceled

#VIXIndicator Based on the indicator, the upside warning just got canceled by the Flynn spike. However, two things to note: the VIX low from last Friday seemed to be an odd tick, but that low is the reason the Indicator cancels the warning. Second, this volatility could be only violent spiking due to the sudden breaking news. A better determination can be made in a couple hours.

Flynn news

I think this is probably a dip to be bought, given that tax news is more a market driver. If Flynn is damaging to Trump, it will be a long time before the extent of any damage is fully known. Other thoughts?



STO January 12, 65 put @ .87

STO January 19, 65 put @ 1.19

STO February 16, 65 put @ 2.05

STO January 12, 60 put @ .85

STO 2019, January 40 puts @5.20

WDC, STO April 60 put @ 1.23


STO February 65 put @ 1.90


STO $C Dec 15 $72 puts @ $0.40
followed @optioniceman on a couple of $SVXY trades, just nibbling
STO Mar $45 put @ $1.17
STO Jan 19 $65 puts @ $1.12

IBB 3:1 split now trading…

IBB 3:1 split now trading at 105ish

Fidelity Offers Reparations to Customers After Website Outage

The firm is waiving commissions and giving free trades to some clients



STO April 210 put @5.80

VXX Game / SPX Campaign

Following @optioniceman
$SVXY STO 12/15 82.50 puts @.54
$SVXY STO 12/22 75 puts @ .62

$SPX STO 12/6 2615/2640 BUPS @ 5.85
$SPX STO 12/29 2515/2540 BUPS @ 1.50. Thank you @jeffcp66


Closed nice trade. 15 contracts sold at $3.30 (ave) bought back at .75, $3825. I had to be away from the desk this morning so I had to guess on a close order. Until NTNX gets weeklies, it is a marvelous stock for swing trading.

SWKS #FallingKnife Sold $SWKS May…

SWKS #FallingKnife
Sold $SWKS May 18 75 puts @ 1.50

good morning all

good morning all

Good Morning all

Good Morning all

VXX fresh buy signal this…

VXX fresh buy signal this morning but I would not go long until into the cloud. However might be a good time to take profits. 2017-12-01-TOS_CHARTS

my attempt at some directional…

my attempt at some directional trading. Mostly use this for the xiv/vxx trigger. Not as clean as @fibwizard but some adaptability to different tickers2017-12-01-TOS_CHARTS

Good morning

It looks like it is going to be a good day for premium sellers.