STO SPX Dec 29 2650/2645…

STO SPX Dec 29 2650/2645 .15

12/27 #Fuzzies With just a…

12/27 #Fuzzies
With just a couple trading days left in the year, my focus today was getting fuzzy rolls completed on anything in-the-money that might be exposed to early assignment due to end-of-year activity.
1. CELG BTC Dec 29 106 c for 1.60, STO Jan 12 107 c for 2.70. Yep….big fake out on this. What was firmly ITM this morning quickly became OTM right after my roll. But that’s why NOT legging the roll benefited me. Crappy price on closing out the 106, but fantastic price on the 107. Roll out and up.
2. DWDP There was some really unique bullish UOA on this yesterday, so I took the risky move of removing my hedge so this can run unfettered. BTC Dec 29 71.5 c for .45, currently unhedged.
3. CSX BTC Dec 29 54 c for 1.26, STO Jan 12 55 c for 1.21, roll out and up.
4. New Fuzzy CVX Jun 125/125/115 for 2.33, Jan 12 127 calls for -.94
5. FAS hedge was down to about .04 so I wanted to get a straight-across roll for .80 to Jan 12, the executed roll-spread numbers were all over the place, but they netted out to my .80 credit for the roll.
6. IWM: Dec 29 153 BTC for .96, Jan 5 154 STO for .96….got $1.00 for nuttin’. Roll out and up.

Fuzzies that still need managed this week:
JPM (in the money)

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SPX calls sold

#SPXcampaign Missed the top and never got an afternoon bounce. So I sold this when we were flat-on-day.
Sold $SPX Jan 26th 2740/2765 call spreads for 1.85.

Closed on GTC orders:
Dec 27th 2665/2640 put spreads (yesterday)
Jan 5th 2570/2545 put spreads (today)

Short Puts AMZN

$AMZN STO 1/19 2018 1110/1130 BUPS @ 2.10


#SyntheticStock – Squeezing and looking like it wants to go up. Questionable when earnings are but hopefully after where I rolled this. Sitting on a nice profit and picking up another .64 of upside here. May close it all with a break above 35 into the open sky.

Rolled MGM DEC 29 2017 32.0 Calls to FEB 2 2018 32.5 Calls @ .14 credit

#spycraft STO the Jan 19…


STO the Jan 19 260/256 put credit spread at 0.21 and the call side at 272/276 for 0.30 credit. 5 contracts so $255 credit. Goal is about $140 per week for a double in a year. Closing the Jan 5 yesterday was a $160 profit so above the goal so far. We will need some extra cushion for the adjustments.

I closed my Jan 5 IC yesterday, today there are better prices at 0.03 and 0.05. My goal with these is to close them before they can get into too much trouble with the gamma risk. But if you are following up to you whether to close/roll or let expire. I personally have seen too many good profits slip away close to expiration so my plan is a rolling ladder 1-4 weeks out and will close a week or 2 before expiration if I have a profit. I am also looking at my alphashark bollinger band charts to leg in and out, looks flat for a while (momentum sitting right at zero) so opened the IC today 23 DTE.

The account was originally $7140. When it gets to 8k will add a contract, basically every 1k added will add a contract for compounding. Cash value $7555 today so in another few weeks should be able to increase contract size to 6.

No other trades for me until tomorrow and Friday, just need to sit on my hands and let theta decay work its magic.



#PerpetualRollingStrangles – Still inverted and still rolling. Collecting premium every month…I call it my #SyntheticDividend … 🙂

Rolled TLT JAN 19 2018 121.0 Calls to FEB 16 2018 121.0 Calls @ .22 credit
Rolled TLT JAN 19 2018 123.0 Calls @ FEB 16 2018 123.0 Calls @ .37 credit

And closed a little bonus trade:

Bought to Close TLT JAN 12 2018 125.0/130.0 Strangles @ .64 (sold for 1.35)