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Saw a web site that looks at what hedge funds are buying/selling. We maybe able to pick up some ideas here.


Covering our remote office so…

Covering our remote office so had some time to trade at the end of the day.

GILD rolled 78 put 29 DTE out to 43DTE for 0.4 credit. Original sale was 5.85 after rolls so making a few $ on the trade now.

WDC rolled 90 put 22DTE to 29 DTE for 0.36 credit. Originally sold for 15.45 off rolls so this is still a nice profit.

My thought on the GILD and WDC recoveries is a few more rolls then close out at profit, or once the longs are covered keep it rolling as a #fuzzy. Depends on what the market does but they tend to work well so may keep it going. Both are bi-directional (call/puts/stock) so don’t really care if they move or not. Plus I picked up the dividend on GILD.

SVXY rolled various 105 puts, 1 DTE and 8 DTE out to 2/2 for 2.87-3.37 credits. Original sales were 1.71 and 1.

Happy new year, done until next week unless I add a week the #spycraft tomorrow or roll the profitable Jan 12 IC. Will post if I do it.

LTC Trade

#spec trade

Sold LTC earlier, Like Fuzzy did his trade, at 240.00…Entered a few weeks ago at 98.50…
time to take some profit off the table..

#ironcondor BIDU #shortputspread Feb. 19…

#ironcondor BIDU #shortputspread
Feb. 19 200/210/260/270 for 1.88 with BIDU at 234
AVGO couldn’t get filled on Feb. 250/240 put spreads, tomorrow maybe try again


#ShortPuts – Booking my highest strikes in an #IRA

Bought to Close TAP Jan 19 2018 77.5 Put @ .30 (sold for 2.05)
Bought to Close TAP Jan 19 2018 75.0 Put @ .15 (sold for 1.42)


Started the #SyntheticShort NUGT trade recently on the gold rally. Silver running too so pulling this one out of the dust bin and watching it again to possibly add a short silver position eventually. Looking at the 36 level for an entry with an add at 40.


#CryptoCurrency -Risk reduction and booking some gains. Tim Knight suggesting it might re-test the 400 breakout level.

Sold to Close ETH (Ethereum) @ 699.00 (Bought for 167.07)


Thanks @Jeff ….I’ll join in with a #ShortStrangles . Worked nicely last time.

Sold AVGO FEB 2 2018 250.0/290.0 Strangle @ 5.00

#spycraft Current profit on the…


Current profit on the Jan 12 IC is approaching goal, currently $106 on 5 contracts and the goal is 130-150. We can probably roll this tomorrow to Jan 26 or at the very latest Tues.

For everyone in any spy, spx, /es trades there is a sell signal from 12/21 and a loading squeeze. Not sure which way it will go, chart says down but be ready to adjust and maybe some opportunity in the new year. If I were putting on a position today probably would just sell the call side and leg into put later.

Update on yesterday post, the cash balance is now $7669 so might be able to add another contract in 2-4 weeks provided we do not need an adjustment.


SPX trades

#SPXcampaign Since $SPX has been up only 5 times in the last 20 years on the last day of the year, I closed the put side of this #IronButterfly. Letting the call side expire.

Closed $SPX Dec 29th 2690/2665 put spread for 7.40. Sold in an #IBroll for 17.55 last week (with 2690/2715 calls)

Also, trying to shake up this dull market: Sold June 3rd 2650/2675/2690/2715 #IronCondor for 6.50. These expire in just two trading days. My expectation is a slight drop tomorrow and then an up day on Tuesday.


I followed Iceman and bought to close the 105 puts that I also sold @ 1.80
I am still short the .95 puts that I sold @ 1.10

Is anyone familiar with the…

Is anyone familiar with the Volatility Trading Strategies group on FB? I was recently accepted in, haven’t spent enough time with it to determine the quality, members post VIX product trades.
“The purpose of this group is to share volatility trades and trading strategies. To engage in options and stock trades in the following products, VXX, SVXY, XIV, VIX, UVXY, and TVIX. As well as to learn how to better manage these positions with the use of VVIX, /VX futures, market correlations, technical analysis, and economic/fundamental analysis.

Our goal is to provide a transparent, cooperative learning environment where people can post trades, express opinions, and receive feedback to better further their trading.

Spam and bullying will not be tolerated and will result in a ban. BS will only be tolerated at the discretion of the Admins. We want this group set apart, with clean, concise, valuable conversation.

This group will be limited to 249 members to secure the viewing features granted by Facebook to smaller groups, and will have a membership poll if that number is reached. If you find yourself removed from the group for not voting in the poll/inactivity, feel free to request membership again. You are more than welcome!”

#syntheticcoveredcall MYL Sold Jan. 18…

#syntheticcoveredcall #fuzzy MYL
Sold Jan. 18 43 call for .54 to go with MYL trades yesterday



BTC CSX Dec29’17 55 calls for 0.20, STO was 0.44. These are close to being in the money so NOT rolling the dice for tomorrow! STO Jan5’18 55.5 calls for 0.39.

Fuzzy Week

All my #Fuzzy trades for the week are now managed, so here’s an early weekly recap of everything (the “Total Hedge Collected” includes open orders, and is net of any closures/rolls:
1. JPM: Core debit: 2.51 Net Hedge Collected: $2,540 Revised Core Basis (0.03)
2. DWDP: Core debit: 1.44 Net Hedge Collected: ($60.00) Revised Core Basis 1.50 (unhedged)
3. CELG: Core debit: 2.38 Net Hedge Collected: $1,040 Revised Core Basis 1.34
4. RCL: Core Debit: 3.59 Net Hedge Collected: $1,390 Revised Core Basis 2.20
5. FAS-1: Core Debit: 2.08 Net Hedge Collected: $1,580 Revised Core Basis: .50
6. FAS-2 Core Debit: 2.12 Net Hedge Collected: $1,570 Revised Core Basis: .55
7. LMT-1: Core Debit: 6.20 Net Hedge Collected: $2,450 Revised Core Basis: 3.75
8. LMT-2: Core Debit: 6.20 Net Hedge Collected: $2,550 Revised Core Basis: 3.65
9. MU: Core Debit: 2.80 Net Hedge Collected: $1,220 Revised Core Basis: 1.58
9. CSX: Core Debit: 2.24 Net Hedge Collected: $550 Revised Core Basis: 1.69
10. QQQ: Core Debit: 2.73 Net Hedge Collected: $800 Revised Core Basis: 1.93
11. IWM: Core Debit: 2.25 Net Hedge Collected: $640 Revised Core Basis: 1.61
12. MCD: Core Debit: 3.12 Net Hedge Collected: $1,070 Revised Core Basis: 2.05
13. CMCSA: Core Debit: 1.38 Net Hedge Collected: $560 Revised Core Basis: .82
14. AAPL: Core Debit 5.27 Net Hedge Collected: $1,320 Revised Core Basis: 3.95
15. BABA: Core Debit 9.43 Net Hedge Collected: 965 Revised Core Basis: 7.50
16. CVX: Core Debit: 2.33 Net Hedge Collected: $940 Revised Core Basis: 1.39

Let me save you the time of adding up the hedge numbers: $21,125.00
This represents net hedges including closed (netted for p/l) and open orders. I have definitely NOT seen this number filter down to the bottom line due to pullbacks in underlyings (RCL, CELG, FAS, MU). Also I’m keeping meticulous track now with hedge rounds on sales vs covers to see the average amount of premium retained. It’s roughly looking like 50%–but too soon to say with so many new entries on the list. These trades are still in their infancy as far as roll cycles. JPM and CELG have had the most rolls, many of them are still in their first or second roll cycle. I’m still very happy with how this program is going. Thanks for following along. Like I just said to my friend @MamaCash this morning….nuance hides under bushes until flushed out. So it will take a few more months for me to learn all the nuance behind these. I know @fuzzballl has the nuance nailed, but I have to tear things apart to the core.

AVGO bullish

#ShortPuts Taking a pre-earnings long position in $AVGO. Doing this old school… not diving into the #Fuzzy trades yet.

Sold $AVGO Feb 16th 250 puts for 5.85.

Saw this on Fast Money last night and the chart set up looks good, along with NFLX.


#IRA – Trimming some risk in an IRA and freeing up a ton of margin. Booking a few that I’m either not happy with or have made a high percentage of max. More to come later…

Bought to Close DISH MAR 16 2018 42.5 Put @ 1.30 (sold for 1.50)

Bought to Close REGN Jan 19 2018 350.0 Put @ 1.80 (sold for 5.90)


#ShortStrangles – Instead of venturing back into NVDA, (still have the #SyntheticStock in a different account) going with one that worked nicely last time and is having a nice down move today. This sale should be well before earnings…

Sold NTES JAN 26 2018 325.0/400.0 Strangle @ 6.20


Check out the option premium in RIOT, was looking at a TT trade…


Rolled 77.5 put 22 DTE to 50 DTE for 0.67 credit. Sold for 5.40 as previous roll, officially break even now. Next roll should bring some cash back in.


#ShortStrangles – This one has been a little bit of a hassle. Started as a strangle then became a straddle and then an “inverted calendar”. Picking up nice premium all along so booking and looking to re-center just prior to earnings.

Bought to Close NVDA DEC 29 2017 195.0 Call // JAN 12 2018 197.5 Put @ 7.40 (sold for 11.15 total premium)


#SyntheticStock – Still selling. Rolled a small earnings loser into synthetic for a repair trade.

Bought to Close ADSK DEC 29 2017 107.0 Calls @ .03 (sold for .79)

Sold ADSK JAN 12 2018 106.0 Calls @ 1.24


#RocketManHedge – Watching John Carter’s free video last night…he’s expecting a massive rotation after the first of the year and throwing around downside numbers like 2550 (of course he was super bullish on GLD at 123 around Thanksgiving 🙂 ). Just in case this prediction is a little better I’m giving my hedges a little more room. Booked my last aggressive put sale right at the open today and re-selling a little lower.

Bought to Close SPX DEC 29 2017 2695.0 Put @ 8.50 (sold for 12.10)

Sold SPX JAN 10 2018 2660.0 Put @ 6.50



BTC VRX Dec29’17 22.5 calls for 0.04, STO was 0.27. Waiting to sell more for next week… could be a minute, could be tomorrow.


Closed Early on GTC AMZN SPX

$AMZN BTC 1/19/2018 1070/1080 BUPS @ .20 86% profit
$SPX BTC 1/12/2018 2765/2740 BECS @ .30 81% profit Thank you @jeffcp66

Good Morning

Good Morning

Good morning

It is so dead that I am tempted to post my Friday expirations this morning.