hedge funds

Saw a web site that looks at what hedge funds are buying/selling. We maybe able to pick up some ideas here.


Covering our remote office so…

Covering our remote office so had some time to trade at the end of the day.

GILD rolled 78 put 29 DTE out to 43DTE for 0.4 credit. Original sale was 5.85 after rolls so making a few $ on the trade now.

WDC rolled 90 put 22DTE to 29 DTE for 0.36 credit. Originally sold for 15.45 off rolls so this is still a nice profit.

My thought on the GILD and WDC recoveries is a few more rolls then close out at profit, or once the longs are covered keep it rolling as a #fuzzy. Depends on what the market does but they tend to work well so may keep it going. Both are bi-directional (call/puts/stock) so don’t really care if they move or not. Plus I picked up the dividend on GILD.

SVXY rolled various 105 puts, 1 DTE and 8 DTE out to 2/2 for 2.87-3.37 credits. Original sales were 1.71 and 1.

Happy new year, done until next week unless I add a week the #spycraft tomorrow or roll the profitable Jan 12 IC. Will post if I do it.

LTC Trade

#spec trade

Sold LTC earlier, Like Fuzzy did his trade, at 240.00…Entered a few weeks ago at 98.50…
time to take some profit off the table..

#ironcondor BIDU #shortputspread Feb. 19…

#ironcondor BIDU #shortputspread
Feb. 19 200/210/260/270 for 1.88 with BIDU at 234
AVGO couldn’t get filled on Feb. 250/240 put spreads, tomorrow maybe try again


#ShortPuts – Booking my highest strikes in an #IRA

Bought to Close TAP Jan 19 2018 77.5 Put @ .30 (sold for 2.05)
Bought to Close TAP Jan 19 2018 75.0 Put @ .15 (sold for 1.42)


Started the #SyntheticShort NUGT trade recently on the gold rally. Silver running too so pulling this one out of the dust bin and watching it again to possibly add a short silver position eventually. Looking at the 36 level for an entry with an add at 40.


#CryptoCurrency -Risk reduction and booking some gains. Tim Knight suggesting it might re-test the 400 breakout level.

Sold to Close ETH (Ethereum) @ 699.00 (Bought for 167.07)