#401k #Dividends #ShortPuts – Adding to a few potential divvy stocks in the long term account…

Sold IBM APR 20 2018 140.0 Put @ 4.30

Gets the stock at 135.70 with a 4.4% divvy at that level. Throw in a few covered calls annually and it’s decent return….


#FallingKnife possibility. I’ve been selling covered calls (cautiously) against it. Looking at a possible long term trade there too. Great weekly premium….

SPX trades

Closed $SPX Nov 20th 2560/2585 call spreads for 17.15. Sold for 20.25 last Monday.
#ITM roll Sold Nov 27th 2570/2595 call spreads for 16.00.

Closed Nov 20th 2585/2560 put spreads for 6.40. Sold for 6.10 last Monday.
Not rolling yet. Watching for next strong move and will sell in that direction, or a condor.

Closed Nov 24th 2625/2650 call spreads for .40. Sold for 1.75 on Oct 27th.


Possible #SyntheticStock or #LongCallDiagonals out to 2020.

Not a big fan of their products but seems pretty low risk at synthetic 12 with disaster put at 10. After this big drop it might grind around for awhile allowing pretty aggressive weekly sales before it heads back up (or down…LOL)

UVXY 2020

#VXXGame – Highest strike is 26 in the new ones. Already 448 on the volume. Nothing for me yet…

Starting a position in TTD

Never traded this one before. Stock has imploded but momentum seems to be slowing.
Sold $TTD Dec 15 45 puts @ 1.45 with the stock at 47.79.

TDA update

#Commissions – Well they were a lot more accommodating this year and gave me what I was asking as far as options go. They are about even with Tastyworks now. I’ll go after the stock commission again next year and the exercise fees. I think they’re seeing the reality of things finally!

Sticker back in the drawer for now…