$ANF $FL – #Earnings #OneDayWonders…

$ANF $FL – #Earnings #OneDayWonders
Sold ANF Nov 17 2017 11.0 Puts @ 0.27 & 0.28 with the stock at 12.79

ROKU Sold Dec 15th 30…

ROKU Sold Dec 15th 30 Puts for 1.25 when ROKU was at 41.11. A little (a lot) early on this. Should have waited but really liked the premium. Will a 27% pull back end up biting me? Theta will tell.

House Passes Tax Bill

House Passes Tax Bill


#ShortStrangles – First time in this one. Following @Bridget over at OMM ( 🙂 🙂 🙂 ). She has an iron condor pretty narrow…30/35/45/50. I’m going regular strangle with more room to the upside. Great premium and low margin in this one.

Sold ROKU DEC 15 2017 35.0/60.0 Strangles @ 3.19

#managingwinners, #shortcalls

Afternoon all

SPX #SPCcampaign Closed my Nov 22th 2500/2485 BuPS @ .20 off a GTC order when SPX hit 2584.71. Quite a reversal from yesterdays dip.

$ANF $FL – #Earnings #OneDayWonders…

$ANF $FL – #Earnings #OneDayWonders
Sold ANF Nov 17 2017 11.0 Puts @ 0.23 with the stock at 12.74
Sold FL Nov 17 2017 26.0 Puts @ 0.25 with the stock at 31.91

NH-NL historical data

I’m intrigued by what @geewhiz112 and @las9427 mentioned about the New-High/New-Low indicator when I said I was suspending my Downside Warnings for assessment. I have found someone offering data going back to 1980 for a fee (McClellan), but I first wanted to check with y’all to see if anyone has access to the data. I would want back at least to 2001. Let me know if any ideas. Thanks!