#spccampaign STC my April 13th…

#spccampaign STC my April 13th 2710/2720 @ 0.25. I was filled after market hours. Originally sold Monday for 1.40.
Have a great evening all.

$SPX #spccampaign Rolled my 2730…

$SPX #spccampaign Rolled my 2730 short put down to 2705 to create a 2710/2705 BePS for 7.40 debit. This just might turn the market back up.

#spccampaign $SPX Closed my Nov…

#spccampaign $SPX
Closed my Nov 24th 2525/2505 BuPS @ 0.20 off a GTC order. Winding down for Thanksgiving and the joys of traveling.
$ROKU Bought to close half of my ROKU Dec 17th 30 Puts @ 1.10. Originally sold for 1.25 on a whim. Decided to reduce the exposure.
And with that I am done here. Have a great Holiday one and all. Safe travels and peaceful time with family and friends.

Afternoon all

SPX #SPCcampaign Closed my Nov 22th 2500/2485 BuPS @ .20 off a GTC order when SPX hit 2584.71. Quite a reversal from yesterdays dip.

$SPX #SPCcampaign Morning all. I…

$SPX #SPCcampaign Morning all. I missed Friday and closing the call side of my Oct 31 IC. Closed it this morning for 1.55. Back to hunting for the holy grail in bathroom tile.