Yesterday Musing

Yesterday, rough day for me. Saw a drawdown of $39K at the worst (but you don’t know my %). Recovered half that at one point, but it fell back down a little. So the message is…I’m hoping that it makes some folks feel better if their hit wasn’t as bad. If you were in the right stocks, you barely saw a blip, I was definitely overweighted in tech, it’s quite amazing how the accounts fared that were better diversified.
Anyway, the point of this post really, is that these are days of #refinement for traders. How do you develop control-of-self when there’s no testing? Managing violence in the market is an absolute necessity on the road to becoming a successful trader for the decades. There’s no way to gain the experience other than in the storm. No simulations, no shortcuts. So if you took a hit yesterday, and was able to sleep the night and live to trade today, then congratulate yourself. I’ll let y’all know when I’m back to all time highs.