Thanks Bistro!

No trades today, next week is a big expiration, but just closed out Nov. Thanks to your help, I have now broken income records 2 months in a row that have stood since 2015! 🙂 That includes 3-4 losing trades this month and 2 all red days in a row, little rebound for me today although WDC still not behaving so I may LEAP it later today.

Thanks for the ideas and help and I hope I give some of you ideas as well. My previous record was around 15.5k. Oct. was more than that and Nov. is way more than that and the extra benefit is most of that is in tax deferred accounts. So unfortunately no cashing out and going to Hawaii or skiing for 2 months, bummer. 😦

But seriously, could not have done it without everyone’s help on this site. Keep the trades and ideas rolling and together we can rule the galaxy (wait that is the upcoming star wars movie). I had always wanted to create a group of traders that could trade, learn, and profit together but there were not enough traders locally to make it happen. @jeffcp66 beat me to it but good to be here! I think we can keep experimenting with new tactics and underlyings as well, especially with the longer term trades with premium selling short term. I know most everyone on this site is up for a little experimentation!