VXX/XIV possible trigger

@jeffcp66, think I have the tool for the upside/downside warning and the trigger we have been discussing for going long/short VXX/XIV or the leveraged versions. Not doing any sales here but alphashark has a new tool that uses a hybrid indicator and the triggers are almost instantaneous for VIX because it was designed for futures. It is in beta test mode and because I have some other tools from them I am getting it at a discount. I reviewed some recent triggers with the developer tonight on VIX and it looks like it will give us a real time warning (or within 1 bar). I will buy it (only $299), install it this weekend and get it up and running. It may even give a signal faster than @fibwizard charts because it is adaptive. Based on BB, MACD, ATR and some other voodoo math but adapts as the volatility and ATR changes so it constantly updates itself and even sets targets based on ATR.

Not saying I am going directional here, but it should help with selling options in the right direction. Once I load it will show you guys and will set alerts for /VX and after we see how accurate it is that might be our new upside/downside trigger (if you want).

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