BTC September 10, 95 puts at .01, sold at 1.15


Elon’s Big Rocket

#OffTopic – Trying again today in about 15 minutes if anyone is interested.

Go Blues!

#StanleyCup – One year ago today we were in last place in the entire league. We all know what happened after that. It’s that time of year to resurrect the avatar!

#OffTopic 🙂 🙂

Bistro activity….?

#OffTopic – Are we getting close to a record day for number of posts? Volatility sure adds to the volume here!

A (very) quick aside…

#OffTopic I was pretty sure they had that wrong…

Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 10.17.55 AM
Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 10.17.37 AM

Happy 1st day of Spring

#OffTopic When I lived in Los Angeles I never noticed, but now that I live in a place that has winter, this is a special day. Refresh your browser for relief from the gloom.

BTC (Bitcoin)

#OffTopic – And I thought SVXY was strong today…how’s that for a little 12 hour run?

BTC (1)

BTC (2)

No soup for you!

#OffTopic I follow simpleroptions.com and use the name “Optionsbistro-Jeff” in their chat room. When they answer my questions they usually say “Jeff.” Earlier this week John Carter mentioned “Options Bistro” when answering my question. The next day, I could no longer enter the word “bistro” as any part of my name. They’re a bit territorial over there, I guess!

RIP Tom Petty

#OffTopic – Aw man….saw him a few times. That sucks.



#BullPutSpreads – This got profitable so quickly I feel like I’ve gotta take some off. Missed my best chance yesterday on the spike up but I’ll take it.

Bought to Close AAOI JUL 28 2017 90.0/80.0 Bull Put Spreads @ 3.25 (sold for 6.25)

#OffTopic -Barely getting online through phone tethering but hanging in there. Plug and outlet on motorhome melted (no fire thankfully) and plug is getting repaired today. Crazy night up at 2am changing out the cord…LOL Just another day in paradise! I’ll be catching up on my postings at some point…

End of Week..


Have a nice week all..i had a great week in my Futures abyss…looking fwd to sunday’s open with the french election happening..


A bistro Party


Since all this work by Jeff has been totally successful..and we are members of the best site for home traders,
I think Jeff should host a Bistro Party this year…I’d definetely attend..and help however I can…

OMM…finally pulled the trigger

My subscription is up for renewal after this week. I left my email at the bottom hoping some OMMers will contact me and I can let them know about “The Bistro”.


#OffTopic – Well this is it. My last week at OMM. A bittersweet day since I was in the group of beta testers from the very beginning. Can’t believe how much I’ve learned from all the great traders here. Too many names to mention but I won’t hesitate to throw one out there.

@Iceman – Thanks for all your postings over the years and opening my eyes to an entire new spectrum of option trading. Changed everything! I’ll never forget watching you sell into that summer 2011 meltdown. I paper traded right along and it was incredible…thank you sir!

A special thanks to @DAN also. An incredible resource here, an incredible library of learning, and most of all a great teacher. Thank you for having us!

I’ll be moving my “website dollars” over to SMM at some point so I’ll be looking forward to seeing most everyone over there also.

Thanks again everyone and great trading!!

Fuzzball (Scott)
fokkrfuz at charter dot net

$CMG – sold some of…

$CMG – sold some of the stock I was put on Friday at 420.07 this morning. Made a bit of money on a two day trade. Based on what it has done since then, I should have sold it all.

#OffTopic – just arrived to a rainy day in the Keys, but missed the snowstorm at home.