BTC January 35 puts @ 1.20, sold yesterday at 1.50, decided I did not like the trade. I can’t give any reason but, I am just nervous about this market right now. Something does not feel right to me at this moment.


2800, hello again

#Markets First time hitting 2800 since March 13th.

Adding short protection

Layering in some short protection but carefully as this selloff is contained so far and the obvious suspects like GOOGL and AMZN are not participating.
Bot SPY Jul20 275p @ .97 x5
Bot VIX Jul25 13/15 cds @ .84 x3


#Markets… looks like major indices will be closing lower than the open….

Good morning, on the road, Eugene to Sausalito

#Markets Trending higher off the overnight lows… continuing salvos in the trade war keeps knocking us back overnight and then we creep higher into the close. Which way will it break? VIX topped at 14.68 a few hours ago, short of another warning. I am staying long, watching for some short term shorts if given the chance. $AAPL taking a hit pre-market, but not seeing much else under strain (except AMAT and OLED, smaller, annoying positions).

I’ll be in and out today. Probably trading from the car if I can get my stepson to drive!

Marco Rubio dip?

#Markets Marco Rubio is a reported “no” on the current plan. Mike Lee is undecided. If that’s what’s driving us down today, I say BTFD.

Futures UP

#Markets #SPXcampaign Jobs report surging the markets higher. If the day remains positive and VIX drops, we are setting up for a new Upside Warning next week. This could mean a rally toward 2700 into the end of the month, which is typical for December. I’ll be watching to once again #ReverseRoll call spreads and get long.