#Markets $VIX – despite the…

#Markets $VIX – despite the sharp intraday move, the VIX ETFs have hardly budged. Gold is up, Oil is down.

No new lows in the SP500 so far today but $WHR, $BBY(earnings) and $ALB are today’s #FallingKnife stocks.
None are low enough to get me interested.
$ALK is recovering a bit today as is $CELG

#Markets – once again ..

#Markets – once again ..

#Markets – The S&P 500…

#Markets – The S&P 500 now has as many new all-time highs this month (13) as it had in the entire decade of the 2000s.

$SPX high for 18 of the past 20 weeks. Incredible!


#Bonds #Markets – look at…

#Bonds #Markets – look at the bond futures and tell me why the stock market continues to rocket higher. Why don’t interest rates matter anymore?
Comments/Opinions welcome.


#Markets – S&P 500 gained…

#Markets – S&P 500 gained 2.6% last wk, would have been the largest weekly gain all of ’17.
Also ended a streak of 55 consecutive weeks without a 2% change (higher or lower). 3rd longest streak ever (mid-’60s and mid-’90s).

Marco Rubio dip?

#Markets Marco Rubio is a reported “no” on the current plan. Mike Lee is undecided. If that’s what’s driving us down today, I say BTFD.

Futures UP

#Markets #SPXcampaign Jobs report surging the markets higher. If the day remains positive and VIX drops, we are setting up for a new Upside Warning next week. This could mean a rally toward 2700 into the end of the month, which is typical for December. I’ll be watching to once again #ReverseRoll call spreads and get long.