#Markets #Volatility #Gold – levels…

#Markets #Volatility #Gold – levels to watch – previous turning points from late Feb ….
$SVXY / $UVXY – the last SVXY bottom was 118.39 while UVXY topped at 23.85.
$NUGT /$DUST when gold futures touched 1260 (now at 1245), NUGT peaked at 12.28 while DUST bottomed at 26.30

My opinions fwiw:
UVXY is unlikely to reach the prior peak until after SVXY violates its prior low – selling UVXY “Weekly” calls in the 30’s seems like a winning move vs. SVXY Puts. They can always be rolled.

DUST is much closer to it’s previous low than NUGT is from its high. A 28% move in NUGT would just about do it, but DUST would drop 28% to 21, over 5 points below its last bottom. I’m hanging on to my short DUST calls for June (65) and Jan 2018 (90) until that happens. I will continue to roll down DUST puts as needed.