SPX trades

Bought to close $SPX March 31st 2465/2490 call spreads for .20. Sold as part of a #CondorRoll for 4.60 on March 1st.

#ITMroll Bought to close SPX March 15th 2325/2350 call spreads for 21.50. Sold on March 1st for 22.00.
Sold to Open SPX March 22nd 2345/2370 for 15.50, with 1.5x position size. I’m margin-weighted toward the short put side, so selling extra calls helps. So I increased size on this one which allowed me to move up 20 points. I also added:

Sold to Open $SPX March 16th (monthly) 2390/2415 call spreads for 2.50.

My positions have come closer in to the point that my portfolio resembles one giant iron butterfly on the market. If we can consolidate here for two weeks, it would be brilliant. More likelyI will have to adjust one way or the other.


STO $UVXY Mar 17 $26 calls @ $0.33
STO $UVXY Mar 24 $32 calls @ $0.25

Lowest TICK reading since October

On NYSE Tick, think or swim

TLT adjustment

#PerpetualRollingStrangles – Working all morning but got a couple fills…

Replacing this week’s expiration:

Sold TLT MAR 24 2017 119.0 Calls @ .63


Rolled this week’s 119.5 puts out to March 24th 119.0 @ .02 credit

#FallingKnife candidates today – $URBN…

#FallingKnife candidates today –
$URBN Urban Outfitters
$OXY Occidental Petroleum
$UAA Under Armour
$AZO AutoZone
$HES Hess Oil

$DUST #ShortCalls – these are…

$DUST #ShortCalls – these are pre-split options and highly illiquid (so caution and patience is advised), but the effective strike price works out to 150.0 with the stock at 39.88.
Sold DUST (20/100) Jan 19 2018 30.0 Calls @ 1.05


$UVXY #ShortCalls – a minor…

$UVXY #ShortCalls – a minor blip in volatility as UVXY gets to 19.44
Sold UVXY Mar 17 2017 27.5 Calls @ 0.22
Sold UVXY Mar 31 2017 30.5 Calls @ 0.52


STO  April 5,  2200/2500 strangle @2.50

SVXY puts

BTC March 17, 95 puts @0.10

85 puts @0.05

80 puts @0.05

Bonds $TBT

Been tied up in projects here at work so haven’t made any trades this week until now.

STO Mar 31 $TBT $39.5/$43.5 strangles @ $0.61

#shortputs TRIP-I think a few…

#shortputs TRIP-I think a few of sold falling knife TRIP puts, finally it appears to have reversed course. Yay

SPX strangle

Yesterday I sold the April 3,  2200/2500 strangle for 2.05 and these trades eat up a lot of margin.

PLCE earnings closed

#Earnings Bought to close $PLCE March 17th 95 puts for .05. Sold yesterday as the 95/90 put spreads for 1.10. Kept its recent trend of positive earnings results…. easy peasy.

#leftovers, #longputs

CAT-to be charged with tax…

CAT-to be charged with tax and accounting fraud