VIX Indicator and SPX charts updated

Ended up positive on SPX despite notching a 3-week intraday low. VIX showed some life, but still nothing scary. Goldman Sachs has said that people are tired of buying protection after so many years of the market going up, so put prices are not going up.

#SPXcampaign Stopped: Closed $SPX March 16th 2370/2345 put spreads for 8.75. Since I have 3 put spreads slightly ITM, I needed to close one to ease the risk going into tomorrow’s Job’s report. Will look to roll based on the market’s reaction.

Fun Market Day


After a decent up move at open, the YM broke slowly into a down trend, lower hi’s, Lower lows, and finally broke down..filling the gap from the Trump speech day…after filling the 810 gap, it moved back to teh 61% fib at yesterdays close…

12:15 Short YM at the point of break down, at the top of the channel..
12:30 Exit trade as YM stalls into a box..

gain 30 points on the move down


$GILD #ShortPuts #FallingKnife- Sold GILD…

$GILD #ShortPuts #FallingKnife- Sold GILD Aug 18 2017 57.5 Puts @ 1.24.

#FallingKnife Candidate $THO

#FallingKnife Candidate



$TEVA STO 5/18 32.50 put @1.65
$SVXY STO 3/31 86.50 put @ .41 Thank you @vxxkelly

Oil Stocks

Even with oil lower today, the oil stocks climbing. The charts I looked at all show the same thing, serious buying started about 2pm central time.


STO Mar 31 $86.5 puts @ $0.41