#options expiration Friday btc xle…

#options expiration
btc xle 68 put @ .05/had sold for .57
expired xle 70 call/ had sold for .92

More Expirations

$SPX 4/28 2230/2255 BUPS Thank you @jeffcp66
$SPX 4/28 2175/2275 BUPS Thank you @fibwizard

Expired and Closed Early

#optionsexpiration #earnings
$EXPE 126/146 Strangle for earnings Thank you @jeffcp66
$PEP 112/115/118/115 IB Earnings Loss of $20 per contract
$SVXY 70 put
$SVXY 115 put
$UVXY 24.50 call
$UVXY 23 call

Closed Early
$SPX BTC 4/28 2405/2380 BECS @ 3.50 STO @ 3.60

Have a great weekend everyone. Weather warming up on the East Coast. Golf!

$LB ShortPuts #FallingKnife – today…

$LB ShortPuts #FallingKnife – today I covered a short May 50.0 Put at a point that I originally sold for 1.20.
Despite the fact that it is out of the money 2 points with 3 weeks to go, in early April the stock collapsed to 43.04 before gaining it all back recently.
I decided I don’t need added the risk on this name because I am still short Aug 45 and 42.5 Puts and Nov 32.5 Puts that are nicely profitable.
One of my unwritten rules is if a Put that I sold for 1.20 gets up to 7 or 8 dollars and then gives me a chance to get out ahead, I take it, and don’t look back.
I would have taken the stock if it had stayed down. The current move shows why that would have worked too.

#OptionsExpiration for 4/28 A light…

#OptionsExpiration for 4/28
A light week.
$SVXY 04/28/2017 90 puts
$UVXY 04/28/2017 35 calls
$UVXY 04/28/2017 39 calls

No assignments.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Have a great WE everyone…


I have two Expiring


April 28th 115 Put

April 28th 102 Put

Have a great weekend all.  See you back here Monday.