/ES hedge

No nukes over the weekend so re-covering my short emini with a put. I’ll also add a buy stop on the emini at breakeven and sell a call to re-establish the short position if stopped out.

Emini contract short @ 2339.0 with a buy stop at that level


SOLD /ES MAY 17 (Wk3) 2275 PUT @ 23.00
SOLD /ES MAY 17 (Wk3) 2375 CALL @ 12.00

Max gain on this position if we continue down is 99 points. I’d also have the option of rolling the put further out and down if needed.

Happy Monday from Boston Mass

It’s a holiday in this state, but the markets are open. I will be trading in the morning but then out to watch my wife run the marathon.

The VIX indicator has been updated. I’m behind on the SPX Chart but can answer any questions you have. I started selling call spreads aggressively when the #VIXIndicator fired last Tuesday, and expect more downside this week.