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$SPX 2425/2445 BUCS Total Loss
$SPX 2395/2420 BUPS Small Loss

PANW patience

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Relieved to see a big spike UP in this one, reverse of last quarter’s spike down. This should pay off holding the underwater position for three months. (sorry, @fuzzballl)

SPX ITM roll

#SPXcampaign #ITMroll Rolling the call spread from the #IBroll I made on May 22nd.
Bought to close $SPX June 7th 2390/2415 call spreads for 17.90. This half sold for 12.15 on May 22.
Sold to Open $SPX June 14th 2395/2420 call spreads for 15.80.

To make up for the debit on the roll, I added another call spread, since I am too heavy in put spreads at the moment and it seems as if upside momentum is waning.
Sold to Open SPX June 16th (Friday PM) 2445/2470 call spreads for 2.35.


$SPX #spxcampaign $SVXY #shortputs Afternoon….

$SPX #spxcampaign $SVXY #shortputs Afternoon. Popping in to see what the damage is near the close. Sold to open June 30th 115 Put @ 2.12 when SVXY was at 152.92. Turned my SPX BuPS trade from yesterday into an iron condor: Sold the June 30th 2480/2500 Call spread @ 0.60 when SPX was at 2411. Have a great rest of the day where ever you are.


#Earnings – Taking a seat at the blackjack table. Strictly gambling here…

113/118/123 iron fly @ 4.30. Only risking 70 but needing about half of expected move. Low probability but low risk.

Setting up IWM in July

Sold $IWM Jul 21 130/140 strangle @ 1.43. Bearish bias with IWM at 136.41.