Maybe our volatility is finally here

/ES down 15
/VX around 12.55
Gold up, bonds up

Let’s hope this holds and we can get some #VXXGame trades on and maybe some NUGT trades.

$SPX #SPXcampaign Sold June 2310/2330…

$SPX #SPXcampaign Sold June 2310/2330 BuPS @ 0.80. Notified of my fill @ 4:14:37. I checked. At least TOS let me know.
Love the License plate ideas. Can’t play golf which makes me a mutant or sane. Maybe both. Have a great afternoon all.

#spxcampaign btc after close 2420/2445…

btc after close 2420/2445 call May 19@.35 had sto @ 1.50. With two dte did not want to risk tomorrow. Can always find new fish to fry!
in 2 accounts

Maybe I should write a…

Maybe I should write a poem or song about theta decay. Even with a few positions making a mild move against them today still making money.

I like theta decay I like it a lot
Even when things don’t work out as planned, can still be hot
Some things go up, some go down
Even when wrong can still be around
I will enjoy the ride by selling you options but if you bought them from me you will not

How’s that I thought a Haiku or limerick would probably be the easiest

TGT low probability low risk

#Earnings – Sold 50/52/54 skewed iron fly @ 1.62

Risk 38 to make 162. Two dollars wide on a 2.66 expected move. Obviously I’m looking for all of that move to the downside…

$CVS #ShortPuts – Sold 1…

$CVS #ShortPuts – Sold 1 CVS Nov 17 2017 70.0 Put @ 1.39 with the stock at 79.04


#IRA #VXXGame – Bought to Close SVXY JUN 16 2017 80.0 Put @ .25 (sold for 2.75)

ISRG roll

#ShortStrangles – Breaking out to a new leg higher after a short earnings consolidation. Rolling up again…

Rolled ISRG MAY 19 2017 850.0 Put to MAY 19 2017 865.0 Put @ 4.70 Credit

Now short this week’s 865.0 put @ 14.65 selling against a June 855.0 call. With no pullback the plan is to take a little of the put premium and pay to roll up the call and sell another put next week.

CMG roll

#ShortStrangles – Making a pretty aggressive roll here. Feels like it might wanna gravitate towards 500 by expiration…

Rolled CMG MAY 19 2017 487.5 Put to MAY 19 2017 500.0 Put @ 6.00 Credit

Now short this week’s 500 put @ 16.10 selling against a June 450.0 call. With no pullback the plan is to take a little of the put premium and pay to roll up the call and sell another put next week.

SPX chart updated

Updated as of close yesterday. Be sure to click “Home/REFRESH” above to keep features updated. #SPXcampaign

Bought to close $SPX May 26th 2290/2265 put spreads for .20. Sold for 1.45 on Apr 25th.

$TRIP #ShortCalls – Bought to…

$TRIP #ShortCalls – Bought to close TRIP Jun 16 2017 55.0 Calls @ 0.05. They won’t trade any lower and out a month early.
Sold 05/08/2017  at 0.60 just prior to #Earnings

#earnings TGT Any interest in…

#earnings TGT
Any interest in Target out there?


BTC May 19, 225 puts at 1.90 to prevent possible assignment. These were sold @ 5.75


Nibbled on market drop a few minutes ago.
STO $SVXY May 19 $148 puts @ $0.45, below last weeks low, expires on friday. Small position.

$NUGT #ShortPuts – Partially covered…

$NUGT #ShortPuts – Partially covered some NUGT (25/100) May 19 2017 8.0 Puts @ 0.01.

$DUST #ShortCalls – Bought to…

$DUST #ShortCalls – Bought to close DUST Jun 16 2017 65.0 Calls @ 0.05. They won’t trade any lower and out a month early.
Sold 02/09/2017  at 1.70

#FallingKnife candidates $JWN $RL #NKE

#FallingKnife candidates $JWN $RL $NKE $URBN $BBBY
All retail will be thru $AMZN in the future…… right?

From ZeroHedge a month ago – Fitch’s Loans of Concern list, which is a compilation of issuers with a significant risk of default within the next 12 months. And, just to make the tracking of future defaults easier, Fitch also provided the list of eight other retailers with term loan debt totaling nearly $6 billion, which are also on its concern list, and are most likely to be in default in the not too distant future. They are as follows:
Sears Holdings Corp (roughly $2.5 billion);
99 Cents Only Stores LLC;
Charming Charlie LLC;
Gymboree Corp.;
Nine West Holdings Inc.;
NYDJ Apparel LLC;
rue21, Inc.; and
True Religion Apparel Inc.
Meanwhile, Jeff Bezos is this close to being the world’s richest man.

#VXX game STO Jun 23…

#VXX game

STO Jun 23 112 puts at 1.40

Looks like the vix will drop more in the short term.

$FLR #ShortPuts #FallingKnife – Sold…

$FLR #ShortPuts #FallingKnife – Sold FLR Jan 19 2018 40.0 Puts @ 1.60 with the stock at 46.35

$M #ShortPuts #FallingKnife – Sold…

$M #ShortPuts #FallingKnife – Sold M Jan 19 2018 19.0 Puts @ 1.22 with the stock at 23.05

PEP stock

#Earnings #LongStock Sold to close a quarter of my stock in $PEP for 114.00 in pre-market. Assigned via #IronButterfly earnings trade at the end of April, cost basis 113.20. Scaling out as stock moves higher.


BTC June 16, 60 calls @ .05, sold at 1.10

Economic Data

8:30am EST Building Permits – street sees 1.27M
8:30am EST Housing Starts – street sees 1.26M
9:15am EST Capacity Utilization Rate – street sees 76.3%
9:15am EST Industrial Production m/m – street sees 0.4%

Earnings before Open
DICKS SPRTG GDS (DKS) – consensus EPS 0.54
HOME DEPOT (HD) – consensus EPS 1.61
MANCHESTER UTD (MANU) – consensus EPS -0.05
STAPLES INC (SPLS) – consensus EPS 0.17
STRATASYS LTD (SSYS) – consensus EPS -0.0
TJX COS INC NEW (TJX) – consensus EPS 0.79
WEIBO CORP ADS (WB) – consensus EPS 0.16

Earnings After Markets Close
JACK IN THE BOX (JACK) – consensus EPS 0.90
NETLIST INC (NLST) – consensus EPS -0.06
URBAN OUTFITTER (URBN) – consensus EPS 0.16