Earnings and Closing $GOOGL trade

$STMP STO 5/5 90 put @ 1.30
$FB STO 5/5 146 put @ .60 Thank you @jeffcp66

$GOOGL STC 5/19 850/860 BUCS @ 9.90 BTO @ 5.20

$DO #ShortPuts #FallingKnife – Sold…

$DO #ShortPuts #FallingKnife – Sold 1 DO Sep 15 2017 12.5 Put @ 1.04

#FallingKnife – some former #FallingKnife…

#FallingKnife – some former #FallingKnife stocks with nice days today
$CVX 106.72 +1.36
$QCOM 54.49 +1.20
$FSLR 33.91 +3.59
$PANW 113.14 +3.23

$NUGT #ShortCalls – Sold 1…

$NUGT #ShortCalls – Sold 1 NUGT Jul 21 2017 45.0 Call @ 2.18.
Paired up with short $DUST Calls at 65 for June and 90 for January

FINAL earnings trades for the day

#Earnings Added to FB ladder… sold $FB May 5th 146 puts for .81
Sold to close (1x) $GRPN 4 put for .60… breakeven on that one, but keeping the others for one more day.

$TSLA #ShortPuts – Sold TSLA…

$TSLA #ShortPuts – Sold TSLA MAY 5 2017 280.0 Puts @ 0.62. Paired with a couple of long term short 500.0 Calls.
My bid at a penny is already in to cover these.

SPX trades

#SPXcampaign Bought to close $SPX May 18th 2460/2485 call spreads for .15.
Sold to open SPX May 15th 2315/2340/2415/2440 #IronCondor for 3.90

UP and DOWN x4



TSLA earnings

#Earnings – Just for fun trying something a little different. Since I don’t want to sell any more than one strangle, gonna go out in time a little for more premium.

Sold 1 TSLA MAY 19 2017 295.0/350.0 Strangle @ 6.00

WDC re-established put ladder

STO May 12 85 puts at 0.58
STO May 19 85 puts at 0.72
still have the may 26 and June 2 84.5 and 83 puts that were sold before earnings at 1.07 and 1.33.

If reverses will roll or convert to jade lizard.

Decent premiums, just 3 contracts last month with a 4 week ladder paid $2635 but that included the spike from earnings last month. Don’t expect it will do as well this month but still consistent.

Seems to carving out a new higher range.

CMI earnings closed

#Earnings #ShortStrangles
Bought to close $CMI May 5th 140/160 strangles for .50. Sold for 1.00 on Monday. Got a nice pullback today after it breached my call strike yesterday. Closing now to avoid a rally in the stock, and also to clear up margin.

TSLA earnings

#Earnings Sold May 5th 290/350 strangles for 1.83. Over last 12 reports, Biggest UP move: 11.2%, Biggest DOWN move: -11.3%, Average move: 5.6%.

SVXY closures

#VXXGame Closing the call to free up margin for more earnings trades. I will consider replacing it later.

Closed $SVXY June 16th 140 call for 15.10. Sold for 6.60 on Jan 2oth as a roll.
Closed $SVXY May 90 puts for .165 (avg price). Sold for 1.95 on Apr 19th.


STO August 22.5 puts @1.14


BTC May 19 85 put @ .15 sold Mar 22 @ 1.52 free up margin 16 DTE

IWM June strangle

Sold $IWM Jun 16 133/143 strangle @ 2.07


My highest strike in the #IRA … freeing up margin for the next opportunity.

Bought to Close SVXY MAY 19 2017 90.0 Put @ .20 (sold for 2.75)

REGN and STMP earnings

#Earnings #ironcondor
Sold $REGN May 5th 355/375/430/450 iron condors for 2.40. Biggest UP move: 4.8%, Biggest DOWN move: -6.3%, Average move: 2.8%. My short strikes are -7.2% and +6.4% OTM

#ShortPuts Sold $STMP May 5th 90 puts for 1.30. Biggest UP move: 38.1%, Biggest DOWN move: -16.1%, Average move: 15.3%. This trade is 16.1% OTM.

Earnings closed

#Earnings #ShortPuts #ShortStrangles
Closed $CHTR May 5th 325/370 strangles for .50. Sold on Monday for 2.30.
Closed $DPZ May 19th 165 puts for .10. Sold last week for 1.10.

“Lots of long call bets…

“Lots of long call bets on VIX, but short put is the tasty way.” Tom Preston @ tt.

BTC GILD 66.5 puts for…

BTC GILD 66.5 puts for .058. Sold for 0.68. With it down this morning after earnings I did not want another assignment that I have to roll for weeks to get rid of. Doing that with TSO now, 8 weeks. I am profitable but every time I sell a call it closes right below the strike. Hopefully next week or 2 I can finally unload the shares then go back to put writing.

$SVXY #ShortPuts – margin made…

$SVXY #ShortPuts – margin made me do it – with all I’ve closed I’m good below 148.50
Bought to close 1 SVXY May 05 2017 82.0 Put @ 0.01 – Sold at 1.14
Bought to close 1 SVXY May 05 2017 83.0 Put @ 0.01 – Sold at 1.23

TLT June strangle

Borrowing an idea from a Tasty Trader but tweaking it a bit.
Sold $TLT Jun 16 119/125 strangle @ 1.55 with TLT at 122.22

REGN earnings

If I didn’t have positions already, I’d be looking at this one…

FB friending earnings

#Earnings #ShortPuts I have orders in to leg into short puts, $FB May 5th 148 and 147, on the morning weakness. If we rally into the afternoon I will consider (much further out) calls.

I am bullish on the report but also willing to take assignment.

Over last 12 reports: Biggest UP move: 15.5%, Biggest DOWN move: -6.1%, Average move: 4.6%.

$AKAM $APC $NBL #FallingKnife candidates

$AKAM $APC $DO $NBL $OXY #FallingKnife candidates

Selling puts on TWLO

Sold $TWLO Jun 16 23 puts @ 1.00