Question for Jeff?

Sorry to post this here but I seem to have lost your email.
I have never had much success rolling credit spreads. Hard time getting enough credit to make it worth while or even a scratch trade. I know you do it successfully.

Do you tend to roll to the same strikes or will you try to move up or down as long as you can get a credit or break even? Does it only work on close spreads or can there be a fairly large spread between options (1 point on SPY or 10 on SPX or can you go say 5 point SPY and 50 SPX)?

On SPX or spy, how many days do you have to go to get extra credit? Average next week or roll to the next month?

Next time you roll an ITM credit spread can you post the entry, exit so I can see what strikes and times you are using?

Thanks and enjoy being here, great forum! Chris