SPX Chart and VIX Indicator…

SPX Chart and VIX Indicator have been updated

YM Today


Not a bad day, considering YM posted a red 19 point day…


SNAP snapped

This stuff writes itself. Bought some shares after hours, 100x at 17.64 and 100x at 17.25. Because… why not?

#spx campaign btc after hours…

#spx campaign
btc after hours
may 12, 2420/2440 call spread @ .15 had sold for 3.10
thanks jeff


If this is all the correction we are going to get from the latest political event, I guess it is not going to amount to much. As much as I would like a correction, I just don’t see it yet.


STO December 27.5 puts @.80

Selling Premium

$AKAM STO November 42.5 puts @1.66 Following @optioniceman and @jsd501
$NVDA STO 5/19 110/115 BUPS @ .63 Thank you @bcoleman6