SPX Chart and VIX Indicator…

SPX Chart and VIX Indicator have been updated

Late Trades

$SVXY STO 6/16 100 put @ 2.25

$SPX STO 5/26 2279/2320 BUPS @ 3.00

Red wallpaper? Did I miss Valentine’s Day?

Rolled Jun 23 SVXY 110…

Rolled Jun 23 SVXY 110 put to Sep. 15 100 put for 1.90 credit. Reduced margin, brought in a few more bucks.

Then I went kiteboarding because staring at computer screens all day is not good for us and it was 88, sunny, and windy at assategue and is as close as we can get to flying without an engine or jumping off something really tall!

Looks like some of you have been selling the crap out of options……….

$SVXY – today’s early post…

$SVXY – today’s early post market moves in SVXY mean that you can’t rely on SVXY puts to expire based on the 4 pm closing price tomorrow.
Today, after closing at 133.50, it rallied to 134.33, then plunged to 130.28 before recovering a bit.
If we see this tomorrow, some unexpected assignments could take place.
I will be covering every profitable position I can during the day at low prices, but I will be rolling any ITM positions that I can’t cover out at least a week.

$UVXY #ShortCalls #VXXGame – Sold…

$UVXY #ShortCalls #VXXGame – Sold all these earlier with UVXY near 15.80.
Sold 1 UVXY Sep 15 2017 60.0 Call @ 1.19
Sold 1 UVXY Jan 19 2018 60.0 Call @ 2.30
Sold 1 UVXY Jan 18 2019 60.0 Call @ 4.19.
All these are the highest available strike prices

$SVXY #ShortPuts Sold June 16th…

$SVXY #ShortPuts Sold June 16th 100 Puts @ 2.24.


STO December 75 puts @ 4.35

#shortputs PIR sold Dec. 4…

#shortputs PIR
sold Dec. 4 strike put for .46

MNK adding Oct

I’m already short 30 puts in January. I might add 25 puts, but for now I’m adding 30 puts in October.
Sold $MNK Oct 20 30 puts @ 1.20.

#shortcallspreads SPY From TradeWise, TDA…

#shortcallspreads SPY
From TradeWise, TDA affiliated sell June 2, 240/242 calls@.52

$TRIP #ShortPuts – Bought to…

$TRIP #ShortPuts – Bought to close 1 TRIP Jun 16 2017 36.0 Put @ 0.05. It won’t trade any lower.
A former #FallingKnife trade sold on 02/27/17 @ 1.15. Closed out a month early.

$SVXY #ShortPuts – Sold SVXY…

$SVXY #ShortPuts – Sold SVXY Jun 9 2017 75.0 Puts @ 0.60 with the stock at 132.15

$UVXY #ShortCall – Sold 1 UVXY Jun 30 2017 22.0 Call @ 2.02 with the stock at 15.80.
The strike price is pretty low but it is the highest available for this weekly contract.

SPX roll

#SPXcampaign Having to roll out call spreads already…. Reverse rolling not working as well as usual, but I admit this one I sold this morning was much too aggressive.

Stopped SPX May 19th 2370/2395 call spreads for 7.00. Sold this morning for 3.20.
#CondorRoll Sold June 2nd 2295/2320/2410/2435 condors for 4.90, 1.5x position size.


#Short Puts  Bought to close my May 19th 130 Put @ 0.80 on this pop to avoid any issues.  Originally sold for 1.85 on 5/1.  Hope everyone is having a green day.  #Shortputs

SVXY roll

BTC May 19, 140 put and sto June 16, 130 put for a credit of .95 cents.
BTC May 19, 139 put and STO June 16, 130 put for a credit of 1.80
BTC May 19, 137 put and STO June 16, 127 put for a credit of 2.60
BTC MAy 19, 136 put and STO June 16, 127 put for a credit of 4.20
BTC May 19, 135 put and STO June 16, 125 put for a credit of 3.20


BTC May 19, 148 puts

STO June 16, 143 puts for a credit of .38 cents

Rolled GLD

#PerpetualRollingStrangles – Darn it…thought she might take out the puts this week but didn’t quite have the oomph. Rolling a month and tightening the inversion by a half point while still bringing in nice credit.

Rolled GLD MAY 19 2017 120.5/113.0 inverted strangles to JUN 16 2017 120.0/113.0 @ .80 credit


STO June 23 80 put @1.38 on 1 contract.

Rolled May 19, 138 put To June 16 124 put for a credit of .45 cents.

SPX trades

#SPXcampaign I am selling this rally, even though its strength is unusual for the day after a warning. It is certainly true that the Downside Warning can represent an SPX bottom, so I’m being cautious and ready to manage call spreads if the rally continues.

#RiskReversal: Wish I’d waited to enter this one, but oh well. This was entered at the open and meant to take advantage of possible strong moves down today or tomorrow.
Bought SPX May 24th 2300/2275 put spreads for 2.20
Sold SPX May 24th 2385/2410 call spreads for 2.60

Stopped: SPX Jun 9th 2290/2265 put spreads for 2.80 (this hit my 3.00 stop)
#ReverseRoll Sold SPX May 19th 2370/2395 call spreads for 3.20. Expires Friday afternoon, unless I have to roll it.

Sold to Open $SPX June 15th 2430/2455 call spreads for 1.85, with SPX at 2366.


STO June 23 80 put @1.38 on 1 contract.

LULU roll

A missed opportunity to take this off a week ago for less than .20 and a nice profit. Now, it’s a loser that has to be managed.

Rolled $LULU May 52.50 puts out to Jun for 1.20 credit.



Did an early roll. When $SVXY dropped back below $135, BTC 2 SVXY May 19 $135 puts, STO 3 SVXY June 9 $99 puts for a small credit.

Rolling HD

Working basis down on this.
Rolled $HD May 148/150 strangle out to Jun 145/150 strangle for 1.16 credit.


CMG roll

#ShortStrangles – Got a little too aggressive rolling the put up. Trying to bring it back down a little. Premium on this contract is up to 17.10. May have to use some of that to roll the June 450 call it’s sold against.

Rolled CMG MAY 19 2017 500.0 Put to JUN 2 2017 497.5 Put @ 1.00 credit

ISRG roll

#ShortStrangles – Rolling out a week for nice credit. Premium now up to 17.65 on this contract. Sold against a Jun monthly 855 call…

Rolled ISRG MAY 19 2017 865.0 Put to MAY 26 2017 865.0 Put @ 3.00 credit


#ShortStrangles – Still selling the crap out of weeklies against longer term 420 calls. Accumulating plenty of premium for a roll if needed.

Bought to Close REGN MAY 19 2017 445.0 Puts @ .68 (sold for 10.00)


Sold REGN MAY 26 2017 455.0 Put @ 8.55
Sold REGN MAY 26 2017 457.5 Put @ 9.65

Few trades

STO Jun 17 TSO80 p at 94 in IRA

BTC Jun 16 SVXY 110 put at 4, sold at 1.4 so loss of 2.6.

Some weird calculations going on in my portfolio margin account. Everything is cash secured and only using about 20% margin total but had a margin call so had to close that trade at a loss just to get rid of the margin call. Only a $520 total loss so something easy to do to stay in my other trades which should make some $ in next 1-2 weeks.

Hope everyone is trading/doing well and enjoying the volatility!

#spxcampaign STO call June 2…

STO call June 2 2405/2430 @2.70
completes IC

$UVXY #ShortCalls – Sold UVXY…

$UVXY #ShortCalls – Sold UVXY Jun 16 2017 45.0 Calls @ 0.45 with the stock at 15.50

$SVXY #ShortPuts – Sold 1…

$SVXY #ShortPuts – Sold 1 SVXY Jun 16 2017 85.0 Put @ 1.54. Adding on at a higher premium with the stock at 132


Added some longer term positions this morning
STO SVXY Jun 16 $80 puts @ $1.11
STO SVXY Jun 23 $70 puts @ $0.70
STO SVXY Sep 15 $55 puts @ $0.94
STO SVXY Dec 15 $50 puts @ $1.04
STO SVXY Jan 19, 2018 $50 puts @ $1.55
STO UVXY Jun 2 $27.5 calls @ $0.37
STO UVXY Jun 9 $25 calls @ $0.70

Not intending to add any more positions until we see what happens into expiration tomorrow so I know how much I need to roll. Still have a lot of dry powder.


#ShortStrangles – Waiting a little before making a decision on this week’s 295 put. Selling a June call against it slightly above recent highs.

Sold IBB JUN 16 2017 305.0 Call @ 1.41


#VXXGame – Adding one…

Sold UVXY JAN 18 2019 60.0 Call @ 3.75


#FallingKnife – Taking a slight directional play but could get the stock at a decent basis no matter how far it falls…

Sold EWZ JUL 21 2017 35.0/30.0 Bull Put Spreads @ 2.35

#FallingKnife trades today – $GE…

#FallingKnife trades today – $GE $GILD $CVS $AKAM $URBN

$NUGT $DUST – 8% moves…

$NUGT $DUST – 8% moves in the first 10 minutes

New VIX highs overnight

#VIXIndicator Vix hit 16.30 early this morning, besting the Apr 17th high by .02. Click “Home/REFRESH” to keep VIX Indicator and other features updated.

With a new downside Warning hitting yesterday, a return to the 2400 area is unlikely for several days or weeks. Selling short-term call spreads is best bet…. further expiration dates may risk getting caught in the bounce. Going long puts or put spreads is riskier as further downside movement may not be as rapid as yesterday. But it could be! Protect your long positions.

Looks like the 2347 elliott…

Looks like the 2347 elliott wave level may be holding on /ES. A lot more support at 2331 the next level if we break further.

I like the vol but could use a pause to clear up or roll a few positions to keep out of neg. margin.