SPX Campaign Closed Early

Closed Early
$SPX 3/31 2295/2320 BUPS @ .60 78% profit

$UVXY #ShortPuts #Speculation – Sold…

$UVXY #ShortPuts #Speculation – Sold some Mar 31 2017 14.5 Puts at 0.10. A bit risky except that the VIX index was already down to 11.03 this morning. That is pretty much the floor on the VIX

$UAA #EarlyAssignment – My Apr…

$UAA #EarlyAssignment – My Apr 27.5 Puts were assigned overnight. Both were small positions. I like the company long term so I will hold it at least until yearend.
I am already short the Jan 35.0 Calls too from higher levels

#earnings #shortstraddle LULU Followed from…

#earnings #shortstraddle LULU
Followed from TT March 31 66 straddle for 5.10, profitable between 60 and a little over 71. LULU has been quiet the last 3 earnings releases, double digits the previous 4 according to busystock.com. LULU is at 65.65 give or take a few.

REGN again

#ShortStrangles – Adjusting my other REGN strangle. Going aggressive since this expires before earnings. Anything in trouble can be rolled into high IV of earnings week.

Rolled Apr 28th 350 put up to 380 @ 4.50 credit.

Position is now Apr 28th 380/410 Strangle @ 12.70 so breakeven of 367.30 up to 422.70


#IRA #LongCallDiagonals – GS worked nicely so getting back in with a long term modified Whiz trade on JPM. Buying a 2019 call and selling a lower 2019 bull put spread against it to help finance the call purchase. Then…selling front month calls against it. Front month calls only need to bring in 20 cents a week to pay for the opening debit. Risk is stock dropping below 2019 bull put spread but with losses limited I’d get the stock at a reasonable price.

Bought JPM Jan 2019 70 calls and sold Jan 2019 60/50 bull put spreads @ 20.05 debit.


Sold JPM APR 7 2017 90.0 Calls @ .23


STO May 5, 90 puts @.85 cents.