SPX Campaign – Closed Early Trade on NFLX BUPS

#spxcampaign Closed early
$SPX BTC 3/20 2410/2385 BECS @4.00 Sold earlier on week for 4.05 (Being afraid sometimes works)

$NFLX STO 4/21 130/140 BUPS @ 2.80

$DUST #ShortPuts #RollOut – Bought…

$DUST #ShortPuts #RollOut – Bought to close DUST Mar 17 2017 36.0 Puts /Sold DUST Apr 28 2017 32.0 Puts @ 0.35 Credit with the stock at 31.43.
Took a big fat gain on the 36.0 put position as it was sold on an earlier rolldown.


STO Apr 21 $122 calls @ $0.35
STO Apt 13 $121 calls @ $ 0.36

I’m now done selling $TLT calls until near Mar 31 when I’ll be looking to replace or roll those calls then pretty much rinse and repeat every week after that. My version of the @fuzzballl trade. I get dizzy when I’m upside down so staying away from the inverted trades. 🙂

#earningstrade ADBE went to April…

ADBE went to April for some premium 110/115/130/135 for 1.25

SVXY, Taking one for the team

STO 2019, 75 puts @13.55

This is in my IRA and is an annual return of 9.79% and if assigned will own it @61.45


I am getting a little nervous about my naked short calls  from 180 to 250. Will this thing ever go down again?

Rolling up put side on $EWW strangle

With the call side of my April 43/49 strangle getting breached, I rolled up the put side to around 20 delta for .33 credit. Quite a move in the peso the last 2 days.