SPX Campaign – Closed Early Trade on NFLX BUPS

#spxcampaign Closed early
$SPX BTC 3/20 2410/2385 BECS @4.00 Sold earlier on week for 4.05 (Being afraid sometimes works)

$NFLX STO 4/21 130/140 BUPS @ 2.80

$DUST #ShortPuts #RollOut – Bought…

$DUST #ShortPuts #RollOut – Bought to close DUST Mar 17 2017 36.0 Puts /Sold DUST Apr 28 2017 32.0 Puts @ 0.35 Credit with the stock at 31.43.
Took a big fat gain on the 36.0 put position as it was sold on an earlier rolldown.


STO Apr 21 $122 calls @ $0.35
STO Apt 13 $121 calls @ $ 0.36

I’m now done selling $TLT calls until near Mar 31 when I’ll be looking to replace or roll those calls then pretty much rinse and repeat every week after that. My version of the @fuzzballl trade. I get dizzy when I’m upside down so staying away from the inverted trades. 🙂

#earningstrade ADBE went to April…

ADBE went to April for some premium 110/115/130/135 for 1.25

SVXY, Taking one for the team

STO 2019, 75 puts @13.55

This is in my IRA and is an annual return of 9.79% and if assigned will own it @61.45


I am getting a little nervous about my naked short calls  from 180 to 250. Will this thing ever go down again?

Rolling up put side on $EWW strangle

With the call side of my April 43/49 strangle getting breached, I rolled up the put side to around 20 delta for .33 credit. Quite a move in the peso the last 2 days.

SPX trades, and Chart is updated

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#SPXcampaign trades from afternoon yesterday:
Bought to close $SPX March 20th 2320/2295 put spreads for .20. Sold for 1.60 on March 7th.
Bought to close SPX March 22nd 2345/2370 ITM call spread for 22.40. Sold for 15.50 on March 8th.
Partial Roll: Sold to open March 29th 2360/2335 put spreads for 3.25. Looking for a call spread #ITMroll today.
STOPPED: Bought to close SPX March 16th 2390/2415 call spreads for 2.91. Sold for 2.50 on March 8th.

This morning:
Sold to Open SPX April 13th 2455/2480 call spreads for 1.30, when SPX was at 2386.

I was expecting more strength today, but with the downward move I got stuck closing call spreads at the top yesterday.


Very interesting that Gold it up big today but the miner are down. My interpretation is that they don’t believe the gold move has legs.


Back home today. Made a couple of trades yesterday when I got a break here and there.

STO Apr 7 TLT $121 calls @ $0.41
STO Mar 24 UVXY $20 calls @ $0.50
STO Mar 24 UVXY $23 calls @ $0.25

Looking for additional $TLT/$TBT trades today.

TIF earnings

#Earnings $TIF not a big mover, with a 3.82% average move and a positive 2.73% bias. Biggest UP move: 10.5%, Biggest DOWN move: -4.0%

Sold an #IronButterfly, March 17th 88/91/94 for 2.15. Max risk .85. Slightly bullish lean to the trade.

$ADBE earnings today. Any trades?

$ADBE earnings today. Any trades?

$DUST #ShortPuts – added some…

$DUST #ShortPuts – added some small positions
Sold DUST Mar 17 2017 27.5 Puts @ 0.30 with the stock at 29.10 – these expire tomorrow
Sold DUST Apr 13 2017 22.5 Puts @ 0.80 with the stock at 29.11 – strike price below recent lows

edit: also sold strike 27.0 puts that expire tomorrow

$DUST #ShortCalls – Bought to…

$DUST #ShortCalls – Bought to close 1 DUST Apr 7 2017 38.0 Call @ 0.95 with the stock at 29.08.
This strike price was too low (it was in the money just a few days ago) and since I sold this at 2.05, I’m taking my 50% gain and letting other short calls at higher strike prices run

$NUGT #ShortCalls – these are…

$NUGT #ShortCalls – these are actually partially covered by long stock from recent put assignments at 10 and below
Sold NUGT Apr 21 2017 13.0 Calls @ 0.38 with the stock at 9.83
Sold NUGT Apr 28 2017 14.0 Calls @ 0.38 with the stock at 9.73