Late SPX Trade


STO 2 April 28th 2175/2275 BUPS @ 4.85

also exited my lower half of a strangle..
BTC 1 april 5th 2280 short put @ 1.07, previously sold in a strangle @ 5.05
gain @ 77%

Trades Today in The YM world


A good day Fuzzbop..chart included..


$UVXY came within $0.10 of…

$UVXY came within $0.10 of setting new all time low. Two huge days of gains in the VXXGame.

$NUGT #ShortPuts – using recent…

$NUGT #ShortPuts – using recent trading ranges as a guide I’m selling a few more Puts to replace positions that expired on Friday and to “encourage” DUST to go a bit higher.
Sold NUGT Apr 7 2017 8.0 Puts @ 0.26
Sold NUGT Apr 21 2017 7.5 Puts @ 0.30
Sold NUGT Apr 28 2017 7.5 Puts @ 0.42
Sold NUGT Apr 28 2017 7.0 Puts @ 0.30

SPX stop and roll

#SPXcampaign Bought to close $SPX Apr 28th 2410/2435 call spreads for 4.00.
#CondorRoll Sold to Open May 5th 2225/2250/2430/2455 iron condors for 4.15

XIV stock

Accumulated a few shares on the dip. Never really expected to make much on these. Taking the profit as a nice gift after a 10 point move in 24 hours. Wow…

Sold XIV @ 73.95 (bought for 69.30)

IBB close roll and open

Bought to Close IBB MAR 31 2017 300.0 Call @ .10 (sold for 1.75)

Rolled this week’s 297.5 Put out to Apr monthly 295.0 @ .90 credit

Against that:

Sold IBB APR 7 2017 295.0 Call @ 2.04

SPX calls stopped

#SPXcampaign Bought to close $SPX March 31st 2340/2365 call spreads for 14.00. Sold yesterday for 6.00. Considering roll strategy.

Bought to close $SPX April 3rd 2350/2375 call spreads for 10.15. Sold last week for 17.10.
#ITMroll Sold to Open $SPX April 10th 2360/2385 cal spreads for 8.60. Will add another spread to make up to the roll debit.


STO 1 January 270 call @ 4.15

SVXY (taking another one for the team)

#ShortPuts #TakeOneForTheTeam -The last two times I’ve taken one for the team have worked out ok. Got us some volatility but eventually ended up nicely profitable. Let’s try it again…

Sold 1 SVXY MAR 31 2017 143.0 Put @ 3.00

And adding one out in Jan 2018 as a short call offset…I know…should’ve sold it yesterday but who knew? Incredible reversal in 24 hours.

Sold SVXY JAN 19 2018 60.0 Put @ 3.74


#ShortStrangles -This thing is a beast…I’m getting out of the way of the nearer term short calls and letting the way out of the money short puts ride. All the strangles should still be nicely profitable with no more upside risk. Still holding the Jan 2018 short calls which is plenty of short exposure for now.

Bought to Close SVXY MAY 5 2017 160.0 Call @ 2.84 (80/160 sold for 3.00)
Bought to Close SVXY MAY 19 2017 170.0 Call @ 2.10 (80/170 sold for 3.45)
Bought to Close SVXY JUN 16 2017 200.0 Call @ .60 (70/200 sold for 3.85)
Bought to Close SVXY SEP 15 2017 235.0 Call @ 2.17 (65/235 sold for 5.75)
Bought to Close SVXY SEP 15 2017 240.0 Call @ 1.98 (60/240 sold for 5.15)

$VIX – Yesterday -Volatility Index…

$VIX – Yesterday -Volatility Index gaps up 14% and finishes down 3.6%, one of the largest intraday reversals in history.


#ShortStrangles -Not a big fan of this thing so getting out of the way. I’ll revisit it over earnings. Closing short call and letting short put sit for now. May still eventually roll this short call into a new strangle.

Current position: Apr monthly 255/275 strangle @ 11.53

Bought to Close TSLA APR 21 2017 275.0 Call @ 12.20

So if the put expires it’s a .67 loser. (1 contract…LOL) Might still roll this into something pretty wide to scratch out a small winner…

$SVXY #ShortCalls – Sold SVXY…

$SVXY #ShortCalls – Sold SVXY Jan 19 2018 275.0 Calls @ 3.60 with the stock at 141.44.
Not only is it the highest current strike price but it now has a bit less than 9 months to run.


STO January 2018, 265 call @4.35

SPX closed spreads

#SPXcampaign No fills while trying to sell new put spreads near the open, but these spreads closed today:

Bought to close $SPX April 20th 2445/2470 call spreads for .20. Sold for 1.35 last week.
Bought to close $SPX March 31st 2285/2260 put spreads for .20. Sold for 1.35 on March 2nd.

Always buyers

#SPXcampaign Seems there are always buyers in this market. No doubt getting whipsawed in last couple weeks… still manage to profit overall from the expiring OTM spreads, but the closer-in aggressive spreads have been thrashed in both directions. Now I have to roll yesterday’s supremely ill-timed call spread, 2340/2365 call spread expiring this Friday. Will look for next intraday pull back to exit and determine roll strategy later.

XOP puts

Sold $XOP May 19 34 puts @ .90. Looking at yesterday’s low as a potential short term bottom.


$SVXY #ShortCalls #Speculation – Sold…

$SVXY #ShortCalls #Speculation – Sold SVXY MAR 31 2017 147.0 Calls @ 0.60 with the stock at 141.50.
In an account overloaded with short Puts I’m selling a couple of calls with the strike just above the all-time high in the stock.

#shortcallspreads #ironcondor TSLA Sold April…

#shortcallspreads #ironcondor TSLA
Sold April 21 300/310 call spread for 1.18 to go with a 220/230 put spread. TSLA is at 277, up another $7 so far today.