#earnings PANW Had a March…

PANW Had a March 3, 129/135/170/180 earnings IC, PANW down around 115 after earnings, I decided to take the loss, turned out to be $550. I’m not opposed to nursing losing trades, sometimes they turn out better than the original trade. I decided, right or wrong of course, I’d rather sell other spreads and maybe surpass the $550 in the time I could have made up the loss. For those of you who took the shares, I’m hoping for a big bounce for you!

Expiration Plus One Trade

#spxcampaign #shortcalls #shortputs
$SPX 3/3 2140/2165 BUPS
$SPX 3/3 2180/2205 BUPS
$UVXY 3/3 23 Calls
$SVXY 3/3 120 puts
$CBI 3/3 32 puts (Earnings trade)

One Trade
$CRM STO 3/17 81.50/82.50 BUPS

Thank you to all contributors. Have a nice weekend. Cold in NYC area and Global Winding