MU #fuzzy Rolled 30 DTE…

MU #fuzzy

Rolled 30 DTE 50 call out to 44 DTE for 0.43 credit. Cb now 8.67. Briefly had a break even, need a few more rolls to put it solidly in the profit column.

AMZN Calls / TSLA Strangle Unstrangled

$AMZN BTC 10/5 2012.50 call and STO 10/12 2020 call at extra $9 plus $7.50 is called away.
$TSLA BTC 10/5 322.5 calls at .65 STO 9/26 at 5.42 as part of strangle. Thank you @jeffcp66

Closing some DUST

Going through the end of day trade and just saw this order was filled.
Bought to close $DUST Nov 16 64 calls @ .20. Sold for 1.00-1.35 from 8/23-9/5. Position was getting a little big so I wanted to take some off to reduce size. I may do some more tomorrow if the opportunity presents itself.

WHR adding

Sold $WHR Jan 18 95 puts @ 1.25.
Divvy would be around 5% if the stock got down there.
I’m now short the following ladder:
Dec 110 puts
Dec 105 puts
Dec 100 puts
Jan 100 puts
Jan 95 puts


#LongCalls #LEAPS – Starter position out in 2021. Earnings still a few weeks away and leaving room to add. Always decent premium in this one.

Bought WYNN JAN 15 2021 130.0 Calls @ 26.85

Sold WYNN OCT 12 2018 130.0 Calls @ 1.48


#BearCallSpreads – Take your best shot Mr. Market…

Sold UVXY OCT 19 2018 40.0/45.0 Bear Call Spreads @ .55

Could this be the reason…

…for this afternoon’s drop? The Presidential test tweet caused the algos to freak out?