MU #fuzzy Rolled 30 DTE…

MU #fuzzy

Rolled 30 DTE 50 call out to 44 DTE for 0.43 credit. Cb now 8.67. Briefly had a break even, need a few more rolls to put it solidly in the profit column.

AMZN Calls / TSLA Strangle Unstrangled

$AMZN BTC 10/5 2012.50 call and STO 10/12 2020 call at extra $9 plus $7.50 is called away.
$TSLA BTC 10/5 322.5 calls at .65 STO 9/26 at 5.42 as part of strangle. Thank you @jeffcp66

Closing some DUST

Going through the end of day trade and just saw this order was filled.
Bought to close $DUST Nov 16 64 calls @ .20. Sold for 1.00-1.35 from 8/23-9/5. Position was getting a little big so I wanted to take some off to reduce size. I may do some more tomorrow if the opportunity presents itself.

WHR adding

Sold $WHR Jan 18 95 puts @ 1.25.
Divvy would be around 5% if the stock got down there.
I’m now short the following ladder:
Dec 110 puts
Dec 105 puts
Dec 100 puts
Jan 100 puts
Jan 95 puts


#LongCalls #LEAPS – Starter position out in 2021. Earnings still a few weeks away and leaving room to add. Always decent premium in this one.

Bought WYNN JAN 15 2021 130.0 Calls @ 26.85

Sold WYNN OCT 12 2018 130.0 Calls @ 1.48


#BearCallSpreads – Take your best shot Mr. Market…

Sold UVXY OCT 19 2018 40.0/45.0 Bear Call Spreads @ .55

Could this be the reason…

…for this afternoon’s drop? The Presidential test tweet caused the algos to freak out?

Afternoon dump

#Market We just hit the lowest $TICK since mid-May. It seems every day we start the day strong, and then hit volatility in the afternoon, before closing out on a mini-rally.

New Bistro features!

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*Upcoming #Earnings – shows the tickers reporting earnings over next 7 trading days. Included are stocks with weekly options, at least $5.00 stock price, and significant volume. Tickers that are commonly traded by the Bistro community are highlighted in red. You may click on the chart for a larger view. PLEASE SEND SUGGESTIONS of tickers you think should be included if you notice any missing.

*Mama Cash’s #PreEarnings Trades – this is a link to Mama’s excel sheet for trade ideas and past performance of stocks that perform well leading up to their earnings dates. She will keep this updated as earnings season progresses.

*Countdown – will countdown the days until any significant trading events. Again, open to suggestions.

Let me know if you have any questions!


SFIX STO 10/12/18 27.0 PUTS @.85

#shortputs #fallingknife AAOI Aold Nov….

#shortputs #fallingknife AAOI
Sold Nov. 16, 20 put for .73, thanks fuzzball

MSFT pre-earnings

Tomorrow is entry day for a 100% winning pre-ER trade in MSFT. The backtest is based on entering 21 days before earnings and closing the day of earnings before the pm report.



#ShortPuts #LongPuts #ShortCalls – Yes I am still in this. Short DITM puts out in Jan 2020. In the meantime trading around it. On the last spike bought a double size batch of disaster puts where the overall position would actually make more if the stock went to zero. With the stock making a big beautiful double bottom today I’m taking some nice gains on the long puts.

Sold to Close 10 AAOI JAN 17 2020 22.5 Puts @ 5.35 (bought for 2.35)

Taking some of those profits and buying shorter term disaster puts to get through next earnings and a possible confirmation of today’s bounce. I’ll decide what to do with these after earnings. Hopefully the stock will bounce and I can close these new ones for the residual value and maybe reload on the next top.

Bought to Open 10 AAOI JAN 18 2019 20.0 Puts @ 1.35

Pocketing the 1.65 gain for now which equates to a 3.30 basis improvement on the DITM puts.





#LongCalls #LEAPS – These were stuck in non-ratio’d limbo for a long time but finally looking better. Rolling the LEAPS out to 2021 for a small debit. Well worth the extra year of selling against them.

Rolled EWZ JAN 17 2020 40.0 Calls to JAN 15 2021 40.0 Calls @ 1.55 debit


Sold EWZ OCT 26 2018 40.0 Calls @ .63

FDX puts closed

#PostEarnings Bought to close $FDX Oct 12th 240 puts for 1.61. Sold for 2.90 on Sep 18th. This never got scary but was annoying.

BA and RTN

I decided to close out the long dated calls on BA and RTN since we have had a nice run.

BA, STC 2020, 370 call and BTC 10/19, 390 calls at 51.50, cost basis 43.67

RTN, STC 195 calls and BTC 10/5, 205 calls at 24.80, cost basis 20.92



AMZN #BuPS Decided to close…

AMZN #BuPS Decided to close my Oct 19th 1860 / 1840 BuPS @ 3.00 with AMZN at 1957.97 before things get worse. I may reopen this once AMZN finishes pulling back. Maybe closer to the 50dma.


#PerpetualRollingStrangles – Still plugging away on this one. Put side rolled out and down to 2020 and selling the weeklies against those. Been a nice solid performer considering it was an experiment started nearly 3 years ago…LOL

Bought to Close TLT OCT 5 2018 119.0 Calls @ .01 (sold for .43)

Sold TLT NOV 2 2018 118.0 Calls @ .44

Fun stuff to worry about


#spxcampaign Opened Oct 17th 3000…

#spxcampaign Opened Oct 17th 3000 / 3020 BeCS at .75 when SPX was at 2936.41 Stops are .20 and 1.50.


BTO Oct 19 350/355 BuCS $3.45 #supercharger
GTC 4.75
BTO Oct 12 114/112 BePS $.95 #in-out
GTC 1.55


#LongCalls #LEAPS – Gonna be a long grind on this one out to 2021. Off to a good start. Triple selling these up near the all time highs. Staying in expirations prior to earnings.

Bought to Close DG OCT 12 2018 113.0 Calls @ .05 (sold for .60)

Sold DG OCT 26 2018 110.0 Calls @ .75

#jadelizard SFIX Tastytrade idea sold…

#jadelizard SFIX
Tastytrade idea sold Nov. 16, 26/32/34, (+26 put, -32 call, +34) call for 2.23.