#ShortPuts #LongPuts #ShortCalls – Yes I am still in this. Short DITM puts out in Jan 2020. In the meantime trading around it. On the last spike bought a double size batch of disaster puts where the overall position would actually make more if the stock went to zero. With the stock making a big beautiful double bottom today I’m taking some nice gains on the long puts.

Sold to Close 10 AAOI JAN 17 2020 22.5 Puts @ 5.35 (bought for 2.35)

Taking some of those profits and buying shorter term disaster puts to get through next earnings and a possible confirmation of today’s bounce. I’ll decide what to do with these after earnings. Hopefully the stock will bounce and I can close these new ones for the residual value and maybe reload on the next top.

Bought to Open 10 AAOI JAN 18 2019 20.0 Puts @ 1.35

Pocketing the 1.65 gain for now which equates to a 3.30 basis improvement on the DITM puts.